Ngari Tour – Four Small Monasteries on the Way of Doing Kora
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Ngari Tour – Four Small Monasteries on the Way of Doing Kora

Update: Jan. 28th, 2013


For many travelers, one of the most important reasons for having Ngari tour is to do Kora at Mt. Kailash. There are four small special monasteries on the way of doing Kora. They are Zada Bure Monastery, Quegu Monastery, Zhere Monastery and Zhuzhu Monastery.

Ngari Tour – Four Small Monasteries on the Way of Doing Kora

Zada Bure Monastery

In terms of scale, the Zada Bure Monastery can not compare with other large monasteries in Tibet. But it is located on the way of doing Kora, as well as the first monastery on the way of doing Kora. It is like a key to open the way of doing Kora. If you do not have this key, you can not go into the mountain. It is said that the Zada Bure Monastery is the practice palace of Attisha who is an eminent monk of Buddhism. Attisha was ancient Indian monk and scholar. In 1038, at the instance of Prince Ali, Attisha went to Tibet to preach Buddhism and medicine. According to legends, there is a giant stone with footprints of Attisha in Zada Bure Monastery. The Zada Bure Monastery is not only famous as the first monastery on the way of doing Kora, but also for a small hot spring near to the monastery. A stream of hot spring pours forth from underground. It is said that people who have bath there can get away from disease and evil spirits.

Quegu Monastery

The second monastery on the way of doing Kora is Quegu Monastery. Although the scale of this monastery is not very large, it attracts a large number of pilgrims. The Quegu Monastery enshrines the naturally formed stone Buddha - Amitabha Buddha. The most attractive things in Quegu Monastery are two precious giant ivories. But even old monks in the monastery do not know their exact age. There are four small monasteries around the Mt. Kailash. Although the scale of these monasteries is small, they are with many beautiful stories and legends. It is necessary to worship monastery in the process of doing Kora. To worship Quegu Monastery is a part of doing Kora.

Zhere Monastery

The third monastery you should not miss on the way of doing Kora is Zhere Monastery. The scale of Zhere Monastery is much smaller. There are only two young monks in the monastery. There is a row of adobes on the river bank near Zhere Monastery. That's the only guesthouse there.

Zhuzhu Monastery

The last monastery on the way of doing Kora is Zhuzhu Monastery. It is also "Zhuchu Monastery" or "Changeable Cave". The small Zhuzhu Monastery was built on mountain waist. It is introduced by monk in the monastery that the Zhuzhu Monastery was built to commemorate the religious flight between Buddhist Milarepa and Bon Religion Dena Ruben. On the rock under the Monastery, there is holy relic of "motionless nail on southeast corner of Gandisê Range". On the roof of the stone cavern, there is handprint of Milarepa.

This place is about dozen kilometers away from Tarchen. Zhuzhu Monastery can provide accommodation. There is a guesthouse near Zhuzhu Monastery. The guesthouse can provide instant noodles, cookies, hot water, etc.

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