Enjoy Peach Blossom in Bayi Town and Bome County
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Enjoy Peach Blossom in Bayi Town and Bome County

Update: Mar. 27th, 2013

Peach Flower

Enjoy Peach Blossom in Bayi Town and Bome County

D6 Bayi Town, Lulang Forest Sea, Bome

Today we will pass the Sejila Mountain which is 4702 meters high and drive to Lulang County. There are full of rhododendrons on the Sejila Mountain in spring. Standing on the viewing deck of Sejila Mountain, we can overlook Namjagbrawa Peak which is the most beautiful mountain of China. Both of the sunrise scenery and the sunset scenery are the most romantic and breathtaking during Tibet tour.

Afterwards, we will drive to Lulang Forest Sea. You could buy some wild tricholoma matsutakes in local. It is said to be good for anticancer. As you may know, most of the Tibetan medicines are mysterious and useful. The tricholoma matsutake is said to be one of them. For lunch, we could spend some time in Lulang Town. The delicious Shigo Chicken is highly suggested to tourists. It is very good for our health.

In the afternoon, we will pass the dangerous Pailong Natural Barrier in Tongmai. Even though it is not very long, it is really steep and risk. I am sacred of it very much.

At last, we will reach today's destination, Bome County, and overnight there.

Tips: the temperature is lower in the highland. Please make sure you take enough clothes to keep you warm.

D7 Bome County, Midui Glacier, Ranwu

Today we will drive to Ranwu from Bome County by way of Zhongba. Zhongba is an area where located in the junction of Bome and Ranwu. The road condition from Bome County to Zhangba is very good, but the road condition from here to Ranwu Lake is very bad. On the way to Ranwu County, we will have a chance to enjoy the most beautiful glacier of China – Midui Glacier. It was formed by two world-class waterfalls. There is a primitive forest available between the two waterfalls. We could appreciate Midui Glacier closely as you wish.

After arriving in Ranwu Town, we will go ahead to visit Ranwu Valley and Ranwu Lake. We will spend 1 night around Ranwu Lake.

Tips: Ranwu Town is located beside the Ranwu Lake. It is not big, just few restaurants and hostels. But the sunset scenery and the sunrise scenery are so wonderful that attract lots of expert photographic enthusiasts. In addition, please take your sunglasses while visiting the white glaciers.

D8 Ranwu, Bome, Bayi Town

If you could get up early, you will have a chance to enjoy the amazing sunset scenery of Ranwu Lake. And then we will get back to Bayi Town by way of G318 National Highway. The section from Ranwu Town to Bome County of Sichuan-Tibet Highway is one of the beautiful roads of China. We could stop some time if you want to take some photos on the way. On both sides of Palong Zangbo River, they are totally covered by the primitive forests. Tourists could enjoy different sceneries there in different seasons. If you are lucky enough, you could enjoy the sunset scenery of Sejila Mountain on the way.

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