Nyingchi Tour – Photography Strategies
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Nyingchi Tour – Photography Strategies

Update: Feb. 27th, 2013

Nyingchi Scenery

Nyingchi Prefecture is named the region south of the Yangtze River in Tibet. It is located at the down reach of Yarlung Zanpo River in Southeastern Tibet. The average altitude of Nyingchi Prefecture is about 3000 meters. The lowest altitude in Nyingchi Prefecture is only 900 meters. The climate of Nyingchi Prefecture is humid, and the scenery is pleasant. Natural landscapes in Nyingchi Prefecture include Yarlung Zanpo Grand Canyon, Medog, Nyingchi Giant Cypress, Namjagbarwa Peak, Cuogao Lake, etc. Human landscapes in Nyingchi Prefecture include Paga Monastery, Ancient Tombs in Lieshan Mountain, Cliffside images and carvings at Bonri Mountain. Furthermore, Nyingchi is also the habitation of Menba Nationality, Luoba Nationality and other minority nationalities. Consequently, there are many natural and human objects of photography in Nyingchi Prefecture.

Since Nyingchi Prefecture is an important destination of Tibet tour, Tibet Tour sums up some strategies of photography in Nyingchi Prefecture for travelers.

Nyingchi Tour – Photography Strategies

Best Time of Photography

The climate of most districts of Nyingchi Prefecture is mild and humid. The effect of season and climate on Nyingchi tour is not very large, except Bome, Chayu, and Medog in southeast of Nyingchi Prefecture. Since the location of Bome, Chayu and Medog is a small and special environment. For this, the travel in this district is greatly affected by weather and climate. For example, in the area of Palong Zanpo River in Bome, the period from May to September is rain season. In this period, a large amount of precipitation causes landslide, debris flow, collapse and other natural disasters which cause the Sichuan-Tibet Highway on east of Bayi Town often closed. Due to steep terrain and changeable climate, the Yarlung Zanpo Grand Canyon in Medog is only accessible from May to later half of October. In other times, the mountain passes on the must-passed road to the Grand Canyon is covered by thick snow. People and animals can not go through there. Consequently, it is suitable to visit Nyingchi and photograph there at any time in the year if you do not visit the Bome, Chayu and Medog.

Subject of Photography

In Nyingchi Prefecture, there are various snow mountains, dense forest, beautiful green mountain and limpid rivers. The natural scenery of Nyingchi Prefecture is colorful and beautiful. In Grand Canyon, there are surging Niyang River, Palong Zanpo River, Yarlong Zanpo River and other rivers. On both sides of rivers, there are quiet villages, ancient giant cypresses, flying waterfalls, steep cliff and wavy forest. The Nyingchi which consist of these charming natural landscapes is reputed as "Switzerland in Tibet". Same as most natural sceneries, the most beautiful time of these natural landscapes is the end of spring and early of summer and golden autumn. If you have Nyingchi tour in this season, please prepare enough battery for your camera. In addition, there are various human landscapes in Nyingchi Prefecture, such as monasteries, people of minority nationalities, etc. whichever season comes to Nyingchi Prefecture you can photograph satisfying pictures of natural scenery and human landscapes.

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