Highlights of Attractions in Nyingchi
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Highlights of Attractions in Nyingchi

Update: Feb. 27th, 2013

Nyingchi Scenery

Highlights of Attractions in Nyingchi – Legendary Mountain and River

In Nyingchi Prefecture, there are beautiful mountains and rivers. Furthermore, the ancient legends and mysterious religious stories cover a mysterious veil for these mountains and rivers.

According to legends, Beng Mountain on Eastern Nyingchi is the place where King of Bome fell; the Jiala Bailei Peak on Southern Nyingchi is the place where the daughter of supreme God dresses and makes up; the Namjagbarwa Peak on Southern Nyingchi is the residence of gods; and water of Niyang River is the sad tears of goddess.

Go toward east along Sichuan-Tibet Highway to Zhamu Town, there is Ranwu Lake which means "a lake piled up with corpses". In legend, there was a buffalo in the lake and an ox on the bank. They fought with each other. After death, they became mountains. The lake between two mountains is Ranwu Lake.

Based on legends, the Bonri Mountain is the place where Padmasambhava fought with Aqiongjie who was the leader of Bon Religion. On the mountain waist of Bonri Mountain, there is a giant tree penetrating into sky. It is regarded as the ladder leading to heaven by local people.

Highlights of Attractions in Nyingchi – Magical Grand Canyon

The landform of Grand Canyon in Nyingchi Prefecture is very special. It contains sections with different altitude which provides suitable environment for different animals and plants.

The area which altitude is lower than 1000 meters belongs to subtropical zone. On the mountain on both sides of the canyon, there is tropical forest with various types of trees.

The area which altitude is between 1000 meters and 2400 meters is mountain subtropical zone. There is rich precipitation. On the upper side of this area, there are many rare and unique trees in Tibet.

The area which altitude is between 2400 meters and 3000 meters belongs to mountain temperate zone. In this area, the color of conifer and broadleaf forest will change with season. It has the reputation of "Colorful Forest".

The area above 3000 meters is alpine frigid-temperate zone. The climate and forest landscape in this zone is obvious different from other areas. From November to May in next year, the ground of forest is covered by snow for over 1 meter. From June to October, various plants in the forest start to grow. Colorful flowers and snow under the forest set off each other and form special landscape.

Highlights of Attractions in Nyingchi – Kingdom of Azalea

Azaleas on Sejila Mountain features large area, variety and long blooming time. The scenery of azaleas on Sejila Mountain is very grand. On Sejila Mountain, there are azaleas in the area from 2900 meters to 5300 meters. From middle of April to end of June, azaleas on Sejila Mountain will come into bloom from the mountain foot to mountain top. In June, all azaleas on Sejila are in full bloom. On Sejila Mountain, there are yellow azaleas, white azaleas, purple azaleas, red azaleas, light red azaleas, pink azaleas, etc. The scene of blooming azaleas is very grand.

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