Transportation in Shannan Prefecture
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Transportation in Shannan Prefecture

Update: Mar. 5th, 2013

Shannan Monastery View

Shannan Prefecture is widely regarded as the cradle land of Tibet civilization. It has been the must-visit region for tourists especially interested in the culture and history of Tibet. To offer tourists more convenience to explore the Tibet civilization, Tibet Tour provides detailed information regarding the transportation in Shannan Prefecture for tourists planning a Shannan tour.

Most of the cultural sites in Shannan Prefecture are located around Tsedang in different directions. Tourists making a Tibet tour to Shannan could spend 2 to 5 days in Shannan according to your vacation duration. The Yumbu Lakhang (the first palace in the history of Tibet), Trandruk Monastery, Tombs of Tibetan Kings and Namseling Manor are the must-visit spots for Shannan tour. Yamdrok Lake is not only a must-visit spot for Shannan tour but also a must-visit spot for Tibet tour. Besides, tourists could also pay a visit to Jadeshow to explore the interesting manufacture culture of Tibetan apron.

Transportation in Shannan Prefecture – Transportation between Lhasa and Tsedang

Tourists planning a Shannan tour should note that there is shuttle bus between Tsedang and Lhasa Western Suburb Bus Station. Tourists willing to save the transportation budget could choose the shuttle bus rather than rent a vehicle. Yumbu Lakhang is located in Nedong County, about 11 kilometers away from Tsedang. The bus between Tsedang and Yumbu Lakhang has been opened to meet the demand of tourists. Tourists in Lhasa could also take the shuttle bus between Jokhang Temple and Trandruk Monastery which would also stop at Samye Monastery (the first monastery in the history of Tibet) and Yumbu Lakhang.

Transportation in Shannan Prefecture – Transportation between Tsedang and the Scenic Spots

Trandruk Monastery is only about 2 kilometers away from Tsedang. To look further into the local landscape and lifestyle, a large number of tourists making a Shannan tour would like to walk to Trandruk Monastery from Tsedang. Tombs of Tibetan Kings is about 27 kilometers away from Tsedang. It is a cultural spot which reflects funeral culture of the ancient Tubo Kingdom. Monkey Cave in Shannan Prefecture is not as famous as the Trandruk Monastery or Samye Monastery, but the flying colorful prayer flags always leave tourists deep impression.

Namseling Manor faces Samye Monastery across the river. It is about 25 kilometers away from Tsedang. Tourists making a Shannan tour could take the buses between Tsedang and Tsarang, Lhasa and Gonggar and get off at Namseling County. Yamdrok Lake is located between Langkatze County and Gonggar County in Shannan Prefecture. Yamdrok Lake is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet and the water in it would present different colors in different time of a day under the sunshine. Most of the tourists making a Shannan tour would like to rent a vehicle to Yamdrok Lake from Lhasa so as to enjoy the gorgeous lake from different angles. Some of the tourists would also like to join the Tibet trekking tours around Yamdrok Lake. Pay a visit to the local Tibetan villages, tourists could not only enjoy a peaceful village landscape but also have a taste of the local Tibetan diets.

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