Notes of Shalu Monastery
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Notes of Shalu Monastery

Update: Oct. 20th, 2013

Shalu Monastery

Every Chinese people know Tibet is very proud of Buddhist culture as well as their religious monasteries. If you would like to feel the most religious atmosphere in the monastery, please come to Tibet. If you prefer to hear the original Tibet Buddhism history, please come to Tibet. How to say, it would be a regret if miss monastery visiting during Tibet tour because it is actually the important part of local Tibetan life. Hence, as you may know, Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple are both classic monasteries and essential attractions for most of tourists. Yes, because they are wild known throughout the world. But what about suburb little-known monasteries? I am sure they are also respected and appreciated by few people who prefer to explore and visit the unknown places, right? Today, let me tell you Shalu Monastery.

Notes of Shalu Monastery - Shalu Monastery introduction, why visit Shalu Monastery

The introduction of Shalu Monastery

According to the historical records, Shalu Monastery was established by Mingye Zungya in AD 1087 i.e the period of Song Dynasty. In AD 1320, Shalu Sect - one of the Buddhism sect was created in Shalu Monastery. In AD 1333, Shalu Monastery was expanded and renovated by the Buddhist abbot and his people, and that is what you see today.

Why visit Shalu Monastery

Well, absolutely the attractions of Shalu Monastery are the exquisite beautiful murals on the wall. The murals are painted to tell the Buddhist stories, Buddhist scriptures and dharmas, and some of them are painted as the famous and great Buddha. These are amazing arts with colorful painting and fantastic plastic arts, both of which are hardly to be found in most of Tibet Buddhist monasteries.

Currently there is only one hall of Shalu Monastery left and prayed by local Tibetan people. The Sakyamuni Statue and the statues of his great eight disciples are enshrined and worshiped in the hall.


As it is situated a little far from Lhasa City, it is not very convenient to go there by public bus. The best way to be there is renting a car. But no worries. We will arrange everything well for you and drive you there with a private car. It usually takes 1-2 hour round trip. And if you ask Shalu Monastery visiting into your Tibet tour itinerary, I will also kindly suggest you another scenic spot nearby Shalu Monastery. That is Shalu Ripu Folk Cultural Resort. It was popular for local Tibetans as it is said to be the summer palace of Shalu Monastery. And also, as the story goes by, there were once 108 varies of trees, 108 springs, 108 holes for self-cultivation, and a religious chancel constructed by 108 varies of trees. Even the times pass by, it still exists there and telling the old-age stories to people.

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