Travel Notes of Ngari Tour
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Travel Notes of Ngari Tour

Update: Dec. 11th, 2013


Consists of Himalaya Mountain Range, Karakoram Mountain Range, Gangdise Mountains, and Kunlun Mountain, Ngari Prefecture is located at the edge of the southwest of China and well known as the name of "The Roof of The World". Also, it is the original water resource of many glaciers. It's fantastic that most of the primitive civilization had existed and developed on this holy land. For example, both of famous Guge Kingdom and Shangxong civilization with profound history had originated from here. In addition, Ngari Prefecture is the birthplace not only for Tibetan Buddhism but also for Tibetan Bon Sect. With the amazing breathtaking scenery around the holy mountain and sacred lake, Ngari Prefecture is known by more and more people and liked to be as the must-go destination during Tibet tour. If you are interested in Tibet trekking, Ngari Prefecture would be one of your best choices.

Travel Notes of Ngari Tour

Ngari Tour is yearning for more and more people because it is so far away from our reality and forgot by the world. Maybe you are tired of living in the busy world, maybe you are boring of the birds around your house, maybe you just want to flee far away, Ngari Prefecture is an ideal place for this moment. Even though it is far, no good accommodation, no crowing birds, the morning glow here will purify your heart and make you feel peace. Abandoning the annoyance and the pressure, we feel we were just born to the world here. We are new.

What to eat in Ngari Prefecture

It is almost the same in Ngari Prefecture and other areas of Tibet. The Tibetan dishes and Sichuan flavor are easy to find and the most popular diet is the air-drying meat. It is made of the yak meat and tastes fresh.

What to see in Ngari Prefecture

During the peak season of Tibet tour, large numbers of people come to Ngari, Tibet at the same time when many different Tibetan festivals held. You will see every one laugh, sing and dance everywhere. The horse racing will be held in many areas of Tibet including Ngari. Hence, you will have a chance to see a local grand ceremony. Besides, Ngari Prefecture is where Mt. Kailash and Mapam Yungtso Lake located, many devout pilgrims will gather in Ngari Prefecture at this time every year. They crawled with knees and hands to reach this holy land from home and trek around Mt. Kailash for praying. It is their belief and, so do I.

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