Spots Suitable for Visiting in Winter
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Spots Suitable for Visiting in Winter

Update: Dec. 10th, 2013

Baksumtso Lake in Winter

Generally, tourists would like to go out for sightseeing in the colorful spring and autumn, and summer is widely regarded as the best season for sightseeing in Tibet due to its special natural environment and climate. Actually, there are some spots suitable for visiting in winter in Tibet. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to make a brief introduction about those spots especially suitable for visiting in winter.

Spots Suitable for Visiting in Winter – Mt. Namjagbarwa

Mt. Namjagbarwa ranks first in beauty among the top ten most beautiful mountains in China. It is a triangle shaped mountain covered with thick snow all year around. In spring and summer, it is always hidden in the clouds or fogs, and it shows its appearance rarely. In autumn and winter, the frequency of Mt.Namjagbarwa shows its appearance greatly increased due to higher visibility.

Mt. Namjagbarwa is located in Medog County, which is widely noted as the sole county not served by a highway in China in the past years. This year, the highway to Medog County was completed and opened to traffic, and it will be much more convenient for tourists to get to Namjagbarwa Peak along this newly constructed highway. It should be noted that tourists could get to the two best spots for enjoying the magnificent view of Mt. Namjagbarwa by vehicle easily. The average altitude in Nyingchi is only around 3000 meters and tourists would not be attacked by any high altitude sickness even in the winter season.

Spots Suitable for Visiting in Winter – Baksumtso Lake

Nyingchi is located in the lower reaches of Yarlung Zangbo River and the altitude here is much lower than that in Lhasa and some other regions. Its warm climate and beautiful natural scenery attract tourists even in the winter season. The snow-capped mountains, dense forests and clear lakes in Nyingchi compose a fascinating natural picture. Laid among the snow-capped mountains and dense forests, Baksumtso Lake looks even more beautiful in winter. Tourists planning to travel to Tibet in winter and willing to pay a visit to Nyingchi don't need to be worried about the possible high altitude sickness for the humid climate and dense forests here will provide you enough oxygen in the air.

Spots Suitable for Visiting in Winter – Old Cypress Tree

The Old Cypress Tree is quite famous for its giant and old cypress tree which could be dated back to 2000-2500 years ago. It is measured that the giant tree has a height of more than 50 meters and a diameter of nearly 6 meters. It has been highly respected as a holy tree by the devout followers of Bon and Tibetan Buddhism in Nyingchi Prefecture.

Be quite different from the imagination of most tourists who've never been to Tibet in the winter season, the sunlight shines on the whole world on Tibet Plateau and the temperature in the daytime is much higher than the other regions in the dame latitude. And the climate in Nyingchi is pretty pleasant and most spots in Nyingchi are suitable for visiting in winter.

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