Tibetan Family Visiting Etiquette
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Tibetan Family Visiting Etiquette

Update: Oct. 31st, 2013

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Even though most tourists are attracted by the breathtaking natural sceneries of Tibet, few of them are also interested in local Tibetan's daily life. They would like to have Tibetan family visiting experience during Tibet tour and get to know more about Tibetan etiquette. Do you know what does Tibetan Khada mean? Do you know why Tibetan people would like to send Khadas to their guests? Do you know other Tibetan etiquettes in their daily life?

Tibetan Family Visiting Etiquette

Tibetan are quite hospitable even a stranger who have required can be treated with tea, drinks and Zanba. A host will walk out to greet guests, with a bow and both hands at the same level, to welcome when guests arrive. And the host keeps standing by till they get into the house. Family members then stand up to have all guests seated as men at left and women right. The host will take out the finest beverage cup, and fill it with tea or drink. Guests are not allowed to hold up the cups and drink right away, but should dip the ring finger into the drink and flick it up three times before drinking, which is a ritual memory for Triratna, namely the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha.

In Tibet, a host will hold a cup with both hands to the front of guests before they can drink with both hands.

As a guest presents gifts to a host, he or she receives them politely with both hands.

Presentation of gifts is quite particular too. Family members stand up as guests are leaving. Gifts presented by a host are usually not taken away by guests. Instead, the host wraps up the gifts and take them outside to the guests.

Seeing off a guest with different etiquettes: has several ways: one day of accompanying is the top etiquette. The second is seeing guests off to out of sight. The third is sending guests to gate or outside of the gate.

Presentation of Gifts

Tibetan greatly values presenting gifts that must be presented on the occasions of festivals or ceremonies. The receivers often send gifts in return for the presentation, which are usually more than given ones in numbers. Otherwise, it is regarded as a breach of etiquette.

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