Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Transportation
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Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Transportation

Update: Jan. 26th, 2014

Sinjiang-Tibet Highway - The Highest Highway of the World

Sinjiang-Tibet Highway originates from Yecheng County of the south of Sinjiang Province to Ngari Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region. The route crosses dozens of mountain passes, endless gobis and desert and rivers, which is 1179 kilometers long. The highest point along the way is over 5000 meters high acted as the highest highway throughout the world. Sinjiang-Tibet Highway was constructed in April and finished in October, 1957. The operation of this highway refers to the first connection between Ngari and other areas of China.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway - The Longest Highway

It was built by 110,000 people from dozens of Chinese nations in 1950s. It is more than 4000 kilometers long and crosses Dadu River, Jinsha River, Lancang River, and Nu River.


Qinghai-Tibet Highway - The highest Railway in China

It is not only the highest but also the longest plateau railway of the world. The highest point is 5072 meters. The terrain features different types of geography structure.

Bangda Airport - The Longest Run Way

Situated above 4300 meters high, Bangda Airport is 4300 meters high with the 5-meter long way that is the longest run way of the world. Also, Bangda Airport is renowned for its highest location and the degrees of difficulty.

The Highest Railway Station is to be Built in Nagqu Prefecture

According to the report, the highest railway station is to be established in Nagqu Prefecture, Tibet. It is 4500 meters high next to Qinghai-Tibet Highway. After it finished, the transportation connection between Lhasa and Nagqu will be more convenient. Nagqu Railway Station owns the highest degrees of the difficulty and the least oxygen. Therefore, tourists who may be interested in the experience of taking the railway to Nagqu are highly suggested to inquiry local Tibet travel agency such as Tibet tour Agency. We will do our best to help you out.

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