Lodging & Transportation at Zhangmu Port
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Lodging & Transportation at Zhangmu Port

Update: Aug. 8th, 2013

Zhangmu Port

Lodging & Transportation at Zhangmu Port – Brief Introduction

There are two large ports in Shigatse Prefecture – Zhangmu Port and Yadong Port. Noted as the largest land border port in Tibet Autonomous Region, Zhangmu Port has been the entry port for a large number of tourists making a Tibet tour via Kathmandu. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to provide information regarding the lodging and transportation at Zhangmu Port for tourists' reference.

Zhangmu Port is located at the terminal of State Highway G318. The buildings in Zhangmu Port are constructed along the main highway, and a lot of constructions enjoy a typical Nepal architectural style for Zhangmu is quite close to Nepal. Situated in the valley of the southern slope of Himalayas, Zhangmu Port has a sub-tropical climate. With a much humid climate, Zhangmu Port has been a good rest place for tourists who've been sick of the dry climate in the other areas on Tibet Plateau.

There are many slopes and turns in the small Zhangmu town for the whole town was constructed along the mountain. Visitors here are always impressed by the well-proportioned 2 or 3-storey houses in the picturesque mountainous town. Most houses in Zhangmu Port have a beautiful garden and tin roof. The colorful prayer flags and flowers are the most frequently used decorations for the houses in the small town. Tourists come to Zhangmu Port would find that it is a small but busy town. Hundreds of stores sailing various goods produced in Tibet, Nepal and India.

Lodging & Transportation at Zhangmu Port – Lodging

Most of the hotels and guesthouses at Zhangmu Port have their own parking lot. The 2 star Zhangmu Hotel is the local best hotel. This hotel has been the choice for most of the foreign tourists spending a night halt at here. Except for the star standard hotels, there are also some guesthouses in Zhangmu Port. Some well decorated guesthouses with bright folk characteristics are also very popular among tourists both at home and abroad. Before reserving the room in the hotel or guesthouses or hotels, foreign tourists are highly advised to check whether it is approved to receive foreigners.

Lodging & Transportation at Zhangmu Port – Transportation

For domestic tourists making a self-help tour to Zhangmu Port from Lhasa, the shuttle bus would be a good choice. It is necessary to check the specific departure schedule in different seasons. For foreign tourists, rent a vehicle from Lhasa is the only choice. Most tourists planning to leave Tibet via Zhangmu Port would like to pay a visit to Mt. Everest Base Camp on the way to Zhangmu. A good conditioned 4WD is a much better choice than the larger business purpose vehicle or any tourist bus for the road condition near the Base Camp is very poor.

For tourists enter into Tibet via Zhangmu Port, Tibet Tour could arrange a vehicle to pick you up at Zhangmu Port upon your arrival. It takes about 5 hours driving to get to the down town of Kathmandu from Kodari – a Nepal border town across the Friendship Bridge.

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