6 Scenic Areas in Shannan Prefecture
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6 Scenic Areas in Shannan Prefecture

Update: Mar. 14th, 2013

Monastery in Shannan

Shannan Prefecture is noted as the cradle land of the miraculous Tibetan civilization. It attracts a large quantity of tourists interested in exploring the history and culture of Tibet. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to make a brief introduction regarding the 6 scenic areas in Shannan Prefecture for tourists' reference.

6 Scenic Areas in Shannan Prefecture – Tsedang Scenic Area

Tsedang Scenic Area is the center of Yarlung Scenic Area. Centers on Tsedang Ancient Town, Tsedang Scenic Area cover an area of 100 square kilometers and has an average altitude of 3600 meters. It is a large scale scenic area which characterized by magnificent plateau natural landscape, distinctive folk customs and profound culture. Tsedang Scenic Area covers the Gongpori Holy Mountain, Yungbu Lakhang, Yarlung River Valley, Trandruk Monastery, Tombs of Tibetan Kings and several other spots of great historical significance.

6 Scenic Areas in Shannan Prefecture – Samye Scenic Area

Samye Scenic Area is located on the southern bank of Yajiang River in Zhanang County, which is about 42 kilometers away from Tsedang Town Seat. With an average altitude of 3656.6 meters, Samye Scenic Area covers an area of 187 square kilometers. The profound Tibetan Buddhism culture preserved in this scenic area attracts a large number of tourists especially interested in the religion culture in Tibet. The natural landscape of Yajiang River, Samye Monastery and Qingpu Cultivating Cave are the main attractions in Samye Scenic Area.

6 Scenic Areas in Shannan Prefecture – Holy Lake Scenic Area

The Holy Lake Scenic Area in Shannan Prefecture is mainly noted for Lham Latso Lake which is highly respected as a holy lake in Tibetan Buddhism. It plays important role in the seeking of the Soul Boys in the reincarnation system in Tibetan Buddhism. The picturesque Chuijiu Valley and Wokar Hot Spring, as well as the gorge in middle reaches of Yarlung Zangbo River are also must-visit sites for tourists making a visit to this scenic area.

6 Scenic Areas in Shannan Prefecture – Yamdrok Yumtso Scenic Area

Yamdrok Yumtso is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. It is not only the lifetime destination for pilgrims all around the world but also a paradise for tourists fond of the natural lake scenery. Yamdrok Yumtso Scenic Area integrates the snow-capped mountains, endless prairie, gorgeous island, hot spring and ancient monasteries. Tourists making a Tibet tour here would be easily impressed by the colorful holy lake in different time in a day.

6 Scenic Areas in Shannan Prefecture - Lhebu Border Ecological Scenic Area

Lhebu Border Ecological Scenic Area is quite noted for its well preserved primitive forests. The scenic area only enjoys an altitude of 2800 meters and certain parts of the scenic area have an altitude of lower than 2400 meters. Lhebu Border Ecological Scenic Area has a warm and humid climate. Tourists here could enjoy not only the different wild animal and plant resources, but also the distinctive folk customs of Monpa people.

6 Scenic Areas in Shannan Prefecture – Zhari Scenic Area

Zhari Scenic Area enjoys an average altitude of 2600 meters. The well preserved ecological environment here attracts a large number of tourists here for sightseeing. There is also a famous holy mountain in Zhari Scenic Area and several eminent Buddhists once cultivated themselves here. Even today, some devout pilgrims would come here for pilgrimage.

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