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Tibet Travel Service Tips - Tibet to Nepal

Update: Aug. 21st, 2012


Can you get Nepal visa in Tibet?

In fact, there are two Nepal Embassies in China, one is located in Beijing and another one is situated in Lhasa. It is easy and fast to get Nepal visa in Lhasa during the work time of Nepal Embassy. The working time of Nepal Embassy is from 10:00-12:30 Monday to Friday. They would not accept your Nepal visa application in another time. Therefore Tibet travel service kindly suggest you stay more days in Lhasa Tibet if you are planing to get Nepal visa.

Or another way is to get Nepal visa in Nepal. Tourists could go to Zham Port along the international road of China and Nepal, which Zham Port is located on the boundary of China and Nepal with an altitude of 2000 meters. It is an important trade port, which is only 120 kilometers away from Kathmandu – the capital of Nepal.

Tourists could leave Tibet for Kathmandu through the national boundary – the Friendship Bridge between China and Nepal. It just takes a few minutes' walking. When you walk to another side of the bridge, you already in Nepal and then you could apply for the Nepal visa in the nearby office.

Is It Necessary to Give Money and Gifts to Tibetan Children

In fact, Tibet travel service will kindly suggest you take some pens, pencils, or notebooks, as Tibetan children are lack of school things. You could give them some as you wish.

But Tibet travel service do not suggest tourists to give them money which is actually not good for them. We think that Tibetan children should learn to support their life by themselves, that is study, not charity.

If you meet some Lamas who ask for money, please do not give them. Because the real lamas won't ask for money from tourists forever.

Additional, if you would like to, you could give some money to the olds or some people who pray on the ground. They are religious to the Buddhism, they are praying for a better life for their families.

Is there a signal in Lhasa Tibet

There is a signal in Lhasa Tibet, Gyantse, Shigatse, Lion Spring, Latse, Tingri, Zham, Tsedang, Nyingchi, Bome, Qamdo, Yampachen, Dangxung, Naqu and Ger and so on.

Is It safe to Take Cash and Credit Card in Tibet?

Tibet travel service kindly suggest you take enough cash in Lhasa Tibet. It is safe. Though there are many Chines Banks in Lhasa Tibet, but the system connection is not good enough. Cash is better.

Can Dollar be Used in Lhasa Tibet?

Dollars can not be used directly in Lhasa Tibet. Tourists have to exchange it into CNY in Chinese Bank.

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