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Tibet Travel Service Tips - Tibet Travel Issues

Update: Aug. 21st, 2012


Tibet Travel Service Tips - Best Time to Travel to Tibet

In general, the months from May to October is the peak season of Tibet tour. Therefore, the quotation of Tibet travel agency during this time is relatively higher.

During the time, many important festivals are held such as Shoton Festival. The scenery is beautiful and most areas of Tibet are easily to visit.

In winter, some mountains will be blockaded as frozen road. But there are fewer tourists in winter in Tibet, the you are able to enjoy more glaciers in winter.

Tourists could choose your own best time to travel to Tibet, as Tibet is always beautiful in different seasons.

Tibet Travel Service Tips - How to Enter to Tibet

In general, foreigners have to enter to Tibet through Tibet travel agency. Overseas Chinese, Taiwan people and foreigners have to get the Tibet travel permits approved by Tibet Tourism Bureau. Hong Kong people and Macao people could enter to Tibet without Tibet travel permit only if you get the home return permit.

Tibet Travel Service Tips - Where needs Tibet Border Permit

There are still some closed areas in Tibet, people need to get Tibet Border Permit to visit. The places include Zhongba County, Saga County, Tingri County and so on.

Tibet Travel Service Tips - Tibet Safety

Tibet travel service has got two types of questions about Tibet safety, one is why there are so many soldiers in Tibet, is Tibet unsafe? Another one is how could so many soldiers here, is Tibet safe?

Tibetans are religious, pure and devout, they believe all of the good things in the world. Each of Tibetan believes Buddhism. When you wander at the street of Tibet, Tibetans usually wave hands towards you, or just smile. If you are lucky enough, some Tibetans would like to invite you to their house and show you their Tibet butter tea.

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