How to Travel to Tibet - Train Tickets Booking Service Notes
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How to Travel to Tibet - Train Tickets Booking Service Notes

Update: Nov. 30th, 2012

Qinghai-Tibet Train

Qinghai - Tibet Railway is as popular as you may expect, which the train tickets are really hard to book than air tickets to Lhasa. Sometimes, tourists will cost much higher than Tibet tour it is to book the train tickets to enter to Tibet if the time is emergency. In the meanwhile, soft sleeper tickets on the train is much harder to find than hard sleeper, or hard seat. But we think nobody would always like to sit on the train within 2 days.

And that is why we usually suggest our guests to book the air tickets to be in Lhasa, and book the train tickets our of Lhasa. The train tickets out of Lhasa is easier to book.

How to Travel to Tibet - Train Tickets Booking Service

Some people may have the questions such like why we could not purchase the train tickets 1 month, or more in advance? Why there is no discounting of train tickets?

Let me explain the details of train tickets booking service notes to help you find how to travel to Tibet by train.

Well, firstly, Chinese train tickets are only allowed to be booked about 10 days in advance. If you book the train tickets at the station, 10 days in advance are available. If you prefer booking it on the internet, 12 days in advance are available to you.

So we'd better to confirm our itinerary as soon as possible and then we travel agencies could book it once it opened to public by our way.

On the other hand, the entry city to Lhasa you'd better prefer should also be confirmed according to the current situation. Not all the domestic cities of China has the Qinghai-Tibet Railway station to Lhasa, except Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuchang, Zhengzhou, Xian, Lanzhou, Xining, Germu, Naqu, Shanghai, Wuxi, Nanjing, Bengbu, Xuzhou, Chongqing, Guangan, Dazhou, Baoji, Delingha, Chengdu, Guangyuan, Beijing, Shijiazhuang and Taiyuan.

Notes of How to Travel to Tibet by Train

It usually takes 2 days on the train to Lhasa from other cities of China, except Xining. So the issue of how to easily spend two days on the train should be concerned, especially traveling with your families, old people, children together.

For children, you'd better take some toys of his or hers to help them avoid the anxiety and scary, besides, other necessary stuffs used of high altitude such as medicines are intelligent.

For the old people, medicines of high altitude sickness are very necessary to them, sometimes used at the first day arriving in Lhasa. Before the decision of traveling with old people, you'd better take them to have a regular physical examination and do it according to doctor's suggestions.

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