Ride a Bicycle to Kathmandu along China-Nepal Highway
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Ride a Bicycle to Kathmandu along China-Nepal Highway

Update: Feb. 22nd, 2013

Zham Port

Please enjoy reading the previous one: Ride a Bicycle on China-Nepal Highway via Mt. Everest.

Ride a Bicycle to Kathmandu along China-Nepal Highway

D11 Mt. Everest Base Camo – Longjiangla Mountain Pass – Old Tingri

It is gravel road and about 74 kilometers long. It is a path from Mt. Everest Base Camp to Old Tingri excluding Baipa Village. The road is actually explored by the Sports Utility Vehicle. But the road condition is worse than the way to Mt. Everest Base Camp. Some sections of the road are paved with oval stones. It is more difficult. The height difference of some slopes exceeds 60°. Take care.

There are some hostels in Old Tingri, also called Gangga. You need to pay some money for the hot shower. Most of the hostels cost about 150 RMB per person per bed. You can get some supplies in Gangga.

D12 Gangga (4327m) – Gutso Village – Menpu Village

It is approximately 62 kilometers long from Gangpa to Menpu Village. It is asphalt level road, but you need to ride against the wind. There are only 2 hostels in Menpa Village. We recommend you the one located in a fork in the road. It costs about 100 RMB per person per bed. Chongqing Restaurant is located across from it.

D13 Menpu Village – Lalongla Mountain Pass (5017m) – Tongla Mountain Pass (5126m) – Yalai Village – Nyelam (3800m) – Zham Port (2414m)

It is about 123 kilometers far from Menpu Village to Zham Port. You need to ride a gentle up slope to the crossing of Sinkiang-Tibet Highway and then ride about 6 kilometers far to reach Lalongla Mountain Pass. When you ride close to the Lalongla Mountain Pass you will have a chance to overview the Shishapangma Mountain again if the weather condition is fine. Shisha Pangma Peak is 8012 meters high and ranks No. 14 of top 14 highest mountains throughout the world. It is also the only one highest mountain peak totally located and covered in China. Afterwards you could ride downward about 13 kilometers long to Tongla Mountain Pass by way of Daoban. After passing the mountain pass, there is a spiral down slope. It is about 20 kilometers long. Besides, there is a checkpoint in Nyelam County. Afterpassing Nyelam County we are going to reach the southern slope of Himalaya Mountain. There are full of primitive forests, high mountains and flying waterfalls. It is about 32 kilometers far from Zham Town. There is another checkpoint in Zham Town.

If you travel there during the period of August, you'd better ride as soon as you can. The heavy rainstorm happened frequently from 17:00 – 19:00.

From Zham Town to Friendship Bridge there is a 10-kilometer long spiral down slope.

D14 Zham Port (2414m) – Kathmandu

You can find many Nepalese people in Zham Town as Zham Town is a very important port of commercial intercourse between China and Nepal.

After passing the Friendship Bridge you are already standing in Nepalese territory. You can walk along a slope on one side and find many vans there. You could get your Nepalese Visa there and then take it to Kathmandu. It is approximately 150 kilometers long from the Friendship Bridge to Kathmandu.

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