Tips for Self-help Tour along Sichuan-Tibet Highway
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Tips for Self-help Tour along Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Update: Aug. 11th, 2013
<p style="float:left" "=""><img src="/UpFiles/2013/08/11/Riding-on-Sichuan-Tibet-Hig-109.jpg" _cke_saved_src="/UpFiles/2013/08/11/Riding-on-Sichuan-Tibet-Hig-109.jpg" alt="Riding on Sichuan-Tibet Highway" hspace="10"></p> <p>Among all the highways to Tibet, Sichuan-Tibet Highway is the most beautiful one and also the most dangerous one. Though the road condition of Sichuan-Tibet Highway has been greatly improved recent years, tourists planning a self-help tour along Sichuan-Tibet should always make a careful preparation in advance. <a _cke_saved_href="" href="javascript:void(0)/*357*/">Tibet Tour</a> would like to provide some tips for self-help tour along Sichuan-Tibet Highway.</p> <h2 class="user_hn_12">Tips for Self-help Tour along Sichuan-Tibet Highway - Necessary Documents</h2> <p>Tourists making a self-riding tour or self-driving tour to Tibet along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway should check all your documents before departure. For tourists planning a self-driving tour along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, the driving license, identity card, road toll receipt, insurance card and some other documents are necessary. For tourists planning to drive or ride to Zhangmu Port, Mt. Everest Base Camp or Ngari Plateau, the Military Permit should be applied in advance. Actually, the Military Permit could be applied in Nyingchi, Shigatse or Lhasa, but it would be a little complicated for tourists come to Tibet the first time. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour could help our clients to apply for all the required permits.</p> <h2 class="user_hn_12">Tips for Self-help Tour along Sichuan-Tibet Highway - Necessary Equipments</h2> <p>Tourists planning a self-help trip along the <a _cke_saved_href="" href="javascript:void(0)/*358*/">Sichuan-Tibet Highway</a> should prepare some necessary equipment to cope with the limited board and lodging condition, and the severe climate condition. A big backpack with enough solid food, beverage, change, washing bag, first-aid kit, map, compass, camera, battery, lighter, cold protective clothing, rainproof, sleeping bag, tent, and moisture-proof pat should be prepared. For tourists making a self-driving tour to Tibet along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, a series of emergency equipment should also be prepared, such as the fire extinguisher, tow rope, tyre repair kit and spare wheels. The helmet, bicycle glasses, gloves and rainproof coat are necessary for tourists making a self-riding tour to Tibet along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway.</p> <p>For the consideration of safety, tourists planning a self-riding or <a _cke_saved_href="" href="javascript:void(0)/*359*/">self-driving tour to Tibet</a> along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway should ensure that your bicycle or vehicle is in good condition. It would be a good choice to change new wheels and new brake pads for there are numerous uphill slopes and downhill slopes along Sichuan-Tibet Highway. It is necessary to pay enough attention to the road signs and follow the traffic rules throughout the self-riding or self-driving to Lhasa along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, especially at the turns.</p> <p>Tourists driving to Tibet along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway should note that sometimes the service stations are quite far away from each other. Hence, it is necessary to prepare a reserve fuel tank in case of need. In addition, it would be an intelligent decision to avoid the rainy season between July and August for the natural disasters (such as land slide and debris flow) happen frequently in this season, especially in the section between Lulang Forests Sea and Ranwu Lake.<br> </p> </div>
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