China Tibet Culture Week 2013 in Berlin, Germany
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China Tibet Culture Week 2013 in Berlin, Germany

Update: Oct. 25th, 2013

Tibet culture

An activity named "2013 Germany?China Tibet Culture Week" was held in Berlin on October 23rd. It is reported that this is the first comprehensive cultural activity themed by Tibet culture in Germany. Local citizens and tourists who've traveled to Tibet before are surprised by the great change in the society and economy in Tibet after visited the cultural activity. It is said that this Tibet culture week is aimed at making local people in Germany know more about Tibet.

Brief Introduction of China Tibet Culture Week 2013

The China Tibet Culture Week 2013 is composed of several parts, including the Snow Charm - Picture & Thangka Exhibition, Attractive Tibet - Singing & Dancing Show, Listen to Tibet – Tibetologist & Living Buddha Communication Activity, Experience Tibet – Tibet Folk Custom & Culture Exhibition, and Read Tibet – Book Fair. Except for Berlin, the Tibet Culture Week activity will also be carried out in Hamburg and Munich in Germany.

Tourists who've been to Tibet might find that various measures had been adopted for the rescue, protection and inheritance of Tibetan culture. For example, the local government in Tibet has recorded dozens versions of Gesar for the artist who devoted his whole life in the traditional performance career. Gesar is a great heroic epic created by the Tibetans since ancient times. It is highly praised as a gem in the treasure house of Tibetan culture. It is of great significance in the research of the ancient Tibetan culture and history. The relevant Tibetan culture protection department is planning to transit Gesar into Mandarin and English from Tibetan.

According to one of the visitors at the China Tibet Culture Week 2013, he has been to Tibet three years ago, the breathtaking natural landscape and happy Tibetans in Tibet left him deep impression. He said he visited a Tibetan family randomly, and that Tibetan family has clean house with beautiful decorations, of course, they were having a happy life. He also suggest civilians in Germany pay a visit to Tibet to take a close look of Tibet on their own instead of reading news on Japan from the newspapers or internet.

How to Learn Tibet Culture during Tibet Tour

Except for the breathtaking natural view of the snow-capped mountains and ever-clear lakes, the unique Tibetan culture and civilization are of great attraction for visitors from different corners of the world. Tibet Tour strongly suggests tourists to travel to Tibet during the traditional Tibetan festivals if you are especially interested in Tibetan culture. Festivals like Tibetan New Year, Saga Dawa Festival, Shoton Festival, Buddha Exhibition Festival and Horse Racing Festival offer visitors the chance to explore the local traditional folk customs, taste some special snacks, and witness some interesting performances.

In addition, tourists making a Tibet tour could also learn Tibetan culture while visiting the cultural and historical sites in Tibet. Ancient monasteries like Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, Ganden Monastery and Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Sakya Monastery and Tashilhunpo Monastery in Shigatse, Samye Monastery and Trandruk Monastery in Shannan with rich relics provide visitors the chance to explore the profound Tibetan Buddhism culture. The religious activities like Buddha exhibition and sutra debating in the monasteries always leave visitors deep impression.

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