Sinjiang-Tibet Highway to Lhasa
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Sinjiang-Tibet Highway to Lhasa

Update: Mar. 19th, 2014

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Sinjiang-Tibet Highway

The top of Sinjiang-Tibet Highway is Gyeshan Daban. There is a stone tablet carved the height characters of 6700m. It was recorded by a British man. But in recent years, it is said that the original date was wrong. As a matter of fact, some people say it is 5406 meters high, and some say 5433 meters high. It has not confirmed yet. But anyway, whichever the right date is, it is the highest point of the eight highways to Tibet.

Sinjiang-Tibet Highway is 219 National Road, originating from Yecheng of Sinjiang Province to Lhatse County of Tibet. It crosses Sino-Tibet Highway (China-Nepal Highway) in Lhatse County. It is the highest highway throughout the world passing through Mt. Kunlun of Pamir Mountains. It connects Gangdisê Mountains and Himalaya Mountain Range in Tibet. The average altitude is over 4500 meters without enough oxygen content. In short, Sinjiang-Tibet Highway features higher altitude, dangerous road condition, and bad natural environment.

Southern Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Southern Sichuan-Tibet Highway originates from Chengdu Province to Lhasa by way of Ya'an, Kangding, Litang, Batang, Mangkang, Zuogong, Basu, Bome and Bayi Town. It is 2100 kilometers long and famous for the breathtaking scenery along the way. There are many minority dwellings and wild natural sightseeing, so that Southern Sichuan-Tibet Highway is highly praised as the typical Chinese Avenue.

The rough road starts from Zhedo Mountain to Zuogong. And then, it appears again from Lashan to Basu County.

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