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Tibet Highlights Tours of Tibet Travel Service – Classic Tours

Update: Aug. 6th, 2012


Tibet is noted as the holy land of the world with limpid lakes, snow mountains, sacred legends and religious Tibetans. You could find sometime to visit Tibet for many different reasons as it is regarded as the lifetime destination. Whatever the reason is, everybody has their life experience spending in Tibet. If you do not have much time in our urban life, our Tibet travel service offers the time-saving tour itineraries to you.

Lhasa/Lake Namtso/Nyingchi Tour

You can make a visit to Nyingchi, which was praised as the "Switzerland of Tibet" for its outstanding natural scenery. Nyingchi Prefecture is the gathering place for some minority people such as the Moinba nationality and the Lhoba nationality, which keeps the traditional habit of religious belief in their daily life. The ancient legends and clans, folk custom, the totem worship of village and the religious myths made the Nyingchi Prefecture of mysterious and legendary.

Lhasa City Tour

Tibet is noted for its Buddhism based civilization. This route offers you the chance to experience the profound Buddhism culture in a series of monasteries, including Drepung Monastery (the largest monastery in the world) and Sera Monastery which is noted for its Buddhism scripture debating. You can also experience the daily life of the religious Tibetan people on Barkhor Street and witness the Tibetan architectural style of Norbu Lingka.

Tibet Experience Tour

This route takes in the classic cultural relics and attractive natural scenic spots in Tibet. It offers you the chance to visit Pala Manor – the only well preserved manor of the ancient Tibetan nobility in Shigatse, which presents you the ancient architectural style of Tibet. Besides, the amazing natural landscapes of Yamdrok Lake and Yarlung Zangbo River Valley are very impressive.

Lhasa-Shigatse Tour

You will have the chance to explore the ancient Tibetan architectural style at Zongshan Castles and experience the Tibetan garden art at Norbu Lingka. You can also make a visit to Potala Palace with rich cultural relics and experience the profound Buddhism Monastery in Jokhang Temple, Tashilhunpo Monastery and Palkhor Monastery. Besides, you can also enjoy the amazing natural landscapes of Shigatse whose natural landscape tops in Tibet.

Different Tibet Tour

This route takes in some highlights in and around Lhasa. The famous Potala Palace is rich in historical and cultural relics. We can experience the profound Tibetan Buddhism culture in Jokhang Temple and enjoy the amazing natural landscapes of Lake Namtso and Lulang Forest Sea. The giant cypress tree and the magnificent waterfall are pretty impressive.

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