Tibet Tour in October – Nyingchi
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Tibet Tour in October – Nyingchi

Update: Mar. 29th, 2012

Nyingchi in October

October is a good time to have Tibet tour. In October, the scenery in Tibet is very beautiful. If you have a Tibet tour in October, you will find ring upon ring of woods tinted with deep red constitute beautiful scenery beyond words, just as a painting. The weather of Tibet in October is not very cold, you can go to visit the "heaven on earth" – Nyingchi to enjoy the wonderful scenery.

Tibet Tour in October – Introduction of Nyingchi

In October, the Nyingchi comes into its most colorful season. The golden pine forest, dark green gorge, white glacier and snow mountain and so on consist of a world in myth. With the reflection of blue sky and snow mountains, the Baksumtso, Milang, Bome, Ranwu Lake are covered by mellow colors. So, how could you miss this heaven on earth in your Tibet tour in October?

There vertically distributed every kind of plants on the Namjagbarwa Mountain in Nyingchi. The top part of the mountain is snow peak, connecting with the blue sky. The middle part is green aciculignosa, and below is golden hygrophilous plants. On the mountain foot, there are tiny stream, joggling red leaves which will bring you into a painting world. While in Bome, the rainfall is plenty, and the forest is prosperous. The rapid river, large area fields and dotted villages consist of the plateau scenery, which is as beautiful as a painting.

Nyingchi is the settlement of Moinba Nationality, Luoba Nationality and some other minority nationalities. These nationalities still keep their ancient customs and religious belief. So, there is attractive for those visitors who want to explore the mysterious Nyingchi.

Tibet Tour in October – Transportation to Nyingchi

You can take plane to Lhasa first, and then take bus to Nyingchi. The scenery on the way from Lhasa to Nyingchi is very beautiful. At the same time, this part is the best part of Sichuan-Tibet highway.

Tibet Tour in October – Accommodation in Nyingchi

The hotels in Nyingchi area almost are gathered in the towns with developed transportation ways. If you have a travel to the great canyon, you can live with local people. Please respect the traditional and living habits of local people when you live with them. Of course, you also can take a tent with you.

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