Tibet Adventure Tour – Dongga Pyam Ruins
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Tibet Adventure Tour – Dongga Pyam Ruins

Update: Mar. 28th, 2012

Tibet Adventure Tour – Dongga Pyam Ruins

Donnga Pyam Ruins was discovered in 1992. It is about 40 kilometers away from Tsada County. It is the largest grotto with Buddhism murals in China. Tourists planning a Tibet adventure tour here could explore the profound culture and history of the ancient Tibetan Buddhism.

Dongga is a small village with only dozens of families in Tsada County. It is about 40 kilometers away from the Ruins of Guge Kingdom. Tourists planning a Tibet adventure tour here could also make a visit to the Ruins of Guge Kingdom to explore the history of Tibet. The grottos distributed on the bluff which is to the north of Gongga Village. There are nearly 200 grottos distributed as densely as the honeycomb. The grottos here stretch about 2 kilometers. There are exquisite murals in some of the grottos.

The archeologists discovered that the Dongga Grottos and the Pyam Grottos are nearby the cliff between Dongga Village and Pyam Village. Dongga Pyam Grottos is the largest grotto related to Buddhism which has been discovered in Tibet so far. The murals in the three Dongga Grottos which are located halfway up to the cliff are well preserved. There is no record about the formation and accurate time about these grottos has been discovered so far.

Though Dongga Pyam Ruins is still an unexplained cultural mystery and there is no record about it in the historical, cultural or religious files in Tibet, the murals in the grottos have a history of nearly 1000 years and are of high archeological value and research value.

Tourists planning a Tibet adventure tour to Dongga Pyam Ruins could enjoy the valuable mural art in the grottos. These Buddhism murals in the grottos would make you understand more about the profound Tibetan Buddhism culture. It should be noted that the location of Dongga Pyam Ruins is pretty remote and the road condition is very crude. Tourists are advised to make a good preparation before the adventure tour.

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