Advice for Tibet Tour in October
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Advice for Tibet Tour in October

Update: Mar. 27th, 2012

Tibet in October

Tibet is a holy place. It is different from the busy Beijing and inviting Lijiang. It is good friend of Daocheng. They have some common features. Tibet is a place of pure and nature, a place full of romance and dream, a place to relax oneself.

October is a good season for Tibet tour. Tibet tour in October is very comfortable. Tibet in October is different from the hot in summer, and cold in winter. It is sister of spring, for they have same highlights. October in Tibet is a colorful season, a planting seeds season, even a travel season.

In this good season, why not go to this holy place to relax yourselves, breath fresh air, release the pressure in city and come back to who you are. Now, let's have a Tibet tour in October.

Advice for Tibet Tour in October – Transportation

When you have a Tibet tour in October, you can go to Tibet by train, air or bus. But you should by ticket in advance if you want to take train and plane. If your blood pressure comparatively high, can't adapt to the high altitude change, you can choose by train.

Advice for Tibet Tour in October – Accommodation

There are many accommodation can be chosen in Tibet, from guest house to five-star hotel. You can choose different level accommodation base on your need. In general, the accommodation in Tibet is very tidy and clean, can offer hot water for 24 hours, and very safe.

Advice for Tibet Tour in October – Cuisine

Foods in Tibet mainly are Tibetan Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine. If you have a Tibet tour in October, please don't miss the local Tibetan cuisine, traditional dried beef and mutton, butter tea, tsampa, barley wine. So, your Tibet tour will be more wonderful.

Advice for Tibet Tour in October – Tips

Tibet in October is very dry, and the sunshine is strong. You should carefully take care of your skin. The sunburn prevention lotions, hat and sunglasses are necessary. Furthermore, the temperature in morning and night in Tibet is very low; you should take some thick coat and sweaters. In order to make your Tibet tour more ease, please wear comfortable and suitable shoes.

You must pay attention to the high altitude sickness. During your Tibet tour, please do not overeat, drink alcohol and smoke. It will be better to eat more vegetables, fruits and some other foods full with Vitamin. When you arrive in Tibet, please have less bathe to avoid cold and serious diseases. You should have enough sleep and keep in good and stable mood. When you first arrive in Tibet, please walk slowly, do not walk fast, even run. Please prepare common medicine for your Tibet tour.

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