Tips for Tibet Tour in October
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Tips for Tibet Tour in October

Update: Mar. 28th, 2012

Tibet in October

October is a high season for Tibet tour. In October, the scenery in Tibet is colorful, looks very beautiful. As the weather become cooler in October and the altitude in Tibet is comparatively high, you should take precautions against the high altitude sickness for your Tibet tour in October.

Tips for Tibet Tour in October

Except the preparation works for your Tibet tour in October, you also should carefully take care of yourself after you arrived in Tibet.

For the Tibet tour in October, the first thing you should do is to make full mental preparation. You should rightly regard the high altitude sickness. Please keep in good mood, relax, and do not be nervous. Because the tension and scare will make your heart beat increase and make the high altitude sickness worse.

Do not do exercise when you get off from plane or train right now. After you reached Tibet, it will be better to take a rest. You can take a seat or keep semireclining position, so the head is high and the feet are low. It can avoid the hydrocephalus which is caused by oxygen-poor. In common situation, people will gradually adapt to the oxygen-poor situation in one or two days. Although Tibet is located on plateau section, it is suitable for people to live.

After reaching Tibet, you should keep stable breath, and take deep breath appropriately. The deep breath can improve the alveolus to absorb oxygen.

About the diet, please do not overeating. You can choose the foods which can easily be digested and absorbed and full of Vitamin. If you eat too much or something can't be easily digested and absorbed, it may lead to blood circulation in gastrointestinal tract increase and cause cerebral ischemia and serious oxygen-poor. You should eat more vegetables, fruits and some digestible foods. You also can take some chocolate and sugars with you. Because of the carbohydrate foods not only can be easily digested, but also need less oxygen in the body. It can promptly and effectively supply energy and relieve oxygen-poor condition. Furthermore, you should drink appropriate water.

You can choose some medicine to relieve the high altitude sickness. During your Tibet tour in October, if there is a headache for a long time, you can take some painkillers; if the chest distress, chest pain condition last for a long time, you can take Compound Danshen, Quick Acting Heart Reliever and some other medicines.

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