Preparation for Tibet Tour in October
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Preparation for Tibet Tour in October

Update: Apr. 13th, 2012

Tibet in October

October is a high season for Tibet tour. In October, the scenery in Tibet is colorful, looks very beautiful. As the weather become cooler in October and the altitude in Tibet is comparatively high, you should take precautions against the high altitude sickness for your Tibet tour.

Preparation for Tibet Tour in October

If you are planning a Tibet tour in October, you should do following preparation works before your tour.

The first one is to stop exercising. Many people think they should do more exercises before coming into Tibet, so that they can overcome the high altitude sickness. But this is wrong. Don't painstakingly exercise your body before your Tibet tour. If you keep doing exercises all the time, you should stop doing exercises for half a month before coming into Tibet. The oxygen consumption amount will increase for the exercised body, which will increase the burden of heart and cause high altitude sickness more easily.

The second one is precaution. It will be better to take some rhodiola oral liquid for ten days before your Tibet tour. It is ok to have capsule of rhodiola, which is more convenience to carry.

The third one is to prevent cold. If you got a cold, you should cure it before your Tibet tour, to avoid the pulmonary edema and hydrocephalus which were caused by cold. The most dangerous thing in Tibet is cold. Once you got a cold, the headache and cough will change to pulmonary edema and hydrocephalus quickly.

The fourth one is to carry enough clothes to defend against cold. Since October, some places around Lhasa begin to snow. Although the altitude of Nyingchi is low, you also should prevent the discomfort caused by the temperature change.

The fifth one is medicine. You should prepare some medicines before your Tibet tour, like cold medicine, Antipyretic and analgesic drug, Anti-inflammatory drugs, medicine for diarrhea, Anti - allergic drugs and drugs for high altitude sickness. You can take some health products with you to improve the body resistance and defend against high altitude sickness.

The sixth one is to prepare sun protection items. In October, the Ultra-Violet in Tibet is still very strong. So, it will be better to take some sunburn prevention lotions, hat and sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes.

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