Tips for Travel to Tibet in October
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Tips for Travel to Tibet in October

Update: Oct. 9th, 2013

Monastery and Lamas in October

Tips for Travel to Tibet in October – Shopping

There are a lot of fresh and special articles in Tibet for tourists planning to travel to Tibet in October. Religious articles like prayer wheels and prayer beads are of great attraction for visitors from different corners of the world. Some female visitors are extremely interested in the Tibetan style clothes and accessories, such as the Dzi beads, red turquoise and green turquoise. Except for the above articles, some visitors also showed great interest in the Tibetan medicines and tonics, including the Tibetan cordyceps, saffron crocus, tricholoma matsutake, saussurea and so on.

It is a human nature to buy some souvenirs for your friends and families once you visit a new place. Tibet is such a special place quite far away from the other corners in the world. Its culture and civilization are quite different from the other regions. Tourists planning to travel to Tibet in October are strongly suggested to do some rational shopping instead of purchase something crazily. Barkhor Street is widely regarded as the best shopping place in Tibet. Visitors could select some exquisite articles with pretty reasonable price if you are good at bargain.

Tips for Travel to Tibet in October – Must-visit Places

The period between July and September is the best time for outdoor travel in Tibet, and the number of tourists in Tibet ranks first in this period among a year. To avoid the peak season and better explore the nature and culture in Tibet, an increasingly number of tourists prefer to travel to Tibet between October and February. There is always lovely sunshine in the daytime though the temperature in Tibet is getting lower in the night with the coming of October.

For tourists planning to travel to Tibet in October, Mt. Everest Base Camp is one of the must-visit places. It is said that the visibility at the Base Camp is pretty good in September and October. It must been an impressive experience to witness the magnificent Mt. Everest and the mysterious flag-cloud above it. In addition, pay a visit to the holy Namtso Lake in October would also be well worth. Actually, the holy lake might be closed to tourists if there is heavy snow in the cold season.

Tips for Travel to Tibet in October – Health Care

Tourists planning to travel to Tibet in October should pay enough attention to the health care in consideration of the severe climate and special natural environment on Tibet Plateau. To better adapt to the high plateau environment, tourists are sincerely suggested to drink some Rhodiola rosea about 10 days in advance. Besides, tourists suffering a cold are not advised to go to Tibet before you are completely cured for any mild cold symptoms might lead to severe complex diseases.

For better adaptation, tourists in Tibet could try to take some local food and beverage, such as Tsampa and Tibetan butter oil tea. In addition, tourists should take enough rest and don't go to higher places before getting a good adaptation in Lhasa. The health care condition in Lhasa City is much better than the small towns and some other remote areas.

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