Tibet Tour in Spring
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Tibet Tour in Spring

Update: Jul. 22nd, 2012

Tibet Tour in Spring

Tibet keeps attracting an increasingly number of tourists with its amazing natural landscapes and special civilization. There are a large number of tourists wondering the best season to make a visit to Tibet. April and May are though to be two of the best months to make a Tibet tour for the weather here get warmer after the long and cold winter. Hence, tourists are advised to make a Tibet tour in spring.

Tibet Tour in Spring – Climate

Tibet enjoys a remarkable plateau climate which is characterized by cold, dry and windy. The winter here is pretty long and cold while the summer is not so hot with a strong sunshine radiation. There is almost a freezing period of half a year in Northern Tibet. The Southern Tibet is relatively warmer and wetter with a frost-free period of 4 to 5 months.

The weather in Tibet gets warmer from April. Tourists planning a Tibet tour in spring could avoid the severe cold in winter. But some thick clothes should also be taken into the package since there is a big temperature difference between day and night. Besides, the sunshine radiation in Tibet is very strong all around the year. Sun-blockings and sunglasses should be prepared before you enter into Tibet.

Tibet Tour in Spring – Landscapes

Tourists planning a Tibet tour in spring could enjoy the most fresh and amazing natural landscapes in Tibet. Green grass, blue sky and clean water form a picturesque landscape. Various wild flowers here would make you feel that you were in a world of flowers.

Tourists planning a Tibet tour in spring are advised to make a visit to Nyingchi, which is praised as the "Switzerland in Tibet". It is noted for its gorgeous natural landscapes and looks more amazing in spring. The Peach Blossom Valley in Nyingchi Prefecture enjoys high reputation among tourists. People here would always be addicted with the peach blossoms.

As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour provides detailed information about the notes and preparations of Tibet tour in spring for the tourists' reference. Besides, we also provide various Tibet tour routes which cover the most amazing natural scenic spots in spring.

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