Road and Accommodation Condition in Tibet
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Road and Accommodation Condition in Tibet

Update: Dec. 30th, 2011

Tibet Road Condition

The road and accommodation conditions in some areas of Tibet Autonomous Region are relatively worse compared to the conditions in eastern China. Tourists should make enough psychological preparation to endure the possible hardship before you make a visit to Tibet. You should also be comprehensive, or your Tibet tour will be messed up by a bad mood.

Tourists should realize that Tibet is lack of some materials and resources because of the difficult transportation. The prices of the materials might be relatively more expensive compared to the prices in inland China.

Tourists should be well prepared to encounter with some problems during your tour in Tibet, such as roadside breakdown and severe weather which would delay your schedule. If that happens, you should be patient and follow the advice of your travel agent. They will help you to deal with the problems as soon as possible.

Tibet tour is relatively a hard trip and is a challenge for tourists both physically and mentally. Tourists should be kind-hearted and friendly to each other. You should also follow the advices of your guide so as to ensure your safety and security.

Tourists could buy various kinds of local Tibetan style handicrafts on your journey. Sometimes, you can bargain with the sellers, and then you can get your favorites with a more reasonable price.

Tourists should realize the objective conditions in Tibet. It is not intelligent to complain the condition of the buses and be impolite to the local drivers. Besides, the drivers would like to stop moving and help others to repair the broke-down car during the journey. It has been their custom and you should be patient and comprehensive.

Tourists will spend long time in the vehicles since the scenic spots in Tibet might be far away from each other. Appreciate the natural landscape along your way might be a good choice.

When you are getting along with the local Tibetans, You should respect their traditions and customs. Don't break into their house without invitation.

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