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Tibet Travel Service Tells Why People Like to Take Trains to Lhasa – Tibet Train Tours

Update: Aug. 8th, 2012

Tibet Train

Paul Theroux, America's most successful literary train travel writer of recent times, has written that the train to Lhasa is unavailable if Kunlun Mountain range exists. Another famous professional tunneling engineer from Switzerland wrote that it is impossible to excavate the rocks and clear ice of Kunlun Mountain. However, the train to Lhasa has been successfully operated since July 1st, 2006. The dream of Tibet train tour comes true.

Since Tibet tours becomes more popular in the world, different types of Tibet tour has been included and provided by Tibet Travel Service. Tibet Travel Service offered by Tibettour.com tells all the aspects of Tibet tours to tourists such as the best time to go to Tibet, and why so many people like to take trains to Lhasa even though it spends much time on the train.

Tibet Travel Service Tells Why People Take the Trains to Lhasa - Reasons

The best time to go to Tibet is from May to October every year, which has been noticed Tibet Travel Service. In autumn, the oxygen volume in air is enough, which is good for our body. But please remember that scenery always showed in different seasons with different ways. People should choose your own best time to go to Tibet besides the natural best time for Tibet.

Unique fantastic experience

When we took the train traveling around the whole Europe, we imagined the future of Tibet train tour. Nowadays, the dream comes true that we could take the trains to Lhasa from many domestic cities. How fantastic the experience will be!

Comfortable Tibet Train Tour

The sleeping carriage, sightseeing carriage and the dinning car are included in Qinghai – Tibet Train. The sleeping carriage is decorated very deluxe with preeminent facilities, such as closed circuit television, wide sleeping berth and sofa, as well as the individual bathroom and washroom. In dinning car, the mini bar is available.

Safe Tibet Train Tour

In Qinghai – Tibet train, the oxygen is offered during the whole journey. People even could find the oxygen facilities around your seats. In contrast with other vehicles, the train is much safer when suffers bad weather and natural disaster.

Enjoy the fascinating scenery on the train to Lhasa

We always say the best scenery not only exists in destinations, but also on the way. Tibet Travel Service offered by Tibettour suggests us when we take the train to Lhasa, the fascinating scenery on the way is unforgettable.

Lower price to Tibet

As we know, travel to Tibet costs much money. Because in Tibet, the accommodation, entrance fees, and car fare are very expensive. If we travel to Tibet by air, the price will be much higher. So take the train to Tibet is the relatively better choice for more people.

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