Laigu Glacier in Qamdo Prefecture
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Laigu Glacier in Qamdo Prefecture

Update: Mar. 18th, 2013

Laigu Glacier

Laigu Glacier in Qamdo Prefecture – Brief Intrpduction

Laigu Glacier is a joint name of a group of glaciers located in Qamdo Prefecture, Tibet. It is one of the three largest glaciers in the world which includes Meixi Glacier, Yalong Glacier, Ruojiao Glacier, Dongga Glacier, Xiongjia Glacier and Niuma Glacier, among which the Yalong Glacier looks most magnificent.

Laigu Glacier in Qamdo Prefecture got its name for it is located near a Tibetan village – Laigu Village. Laigu means a hidden village of idyllic beauty in Tibetan. Laigu Village is located at the belly of Bosura Mountain situated in the southeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. One of the most gorgeous lakes in Tibet – Ranwu Lake is near the Laigu Glacier. Laigu Village, surrounded by beautiful lakes and magnificent snow-capped mountains, is only about 20 kilometers away from the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. Tourists making a visit to Laigu Village could see 6 oceanic glaciers and Laigu Village has been the best place for appreciating the breathtaking glacier landscape which is not available in any other corner of the world.

Laigu Glacier in Qamdo Prefecture – Laigu Village

The glaciers around Laigu Village formed several ice lakes in front of the village. Tourists making a Tibet tour here would find that the ice lakes present different colors due to the difference in geology and soil constituent. There are even icebergs in few of the ice lakes in front of Laigu Village. The blueing ice layers in the cracked areas between the tail of the glacier and ice lake always leave tourists deep impression.

There are about 70 Tibetan families living in Laigu Village. Tourists here will have the chance to experience a well preserved Tibetan life style not only through the traditional dwellings and their folk customs. The typical Tibetan style houses become decorations of the green crop field. Tourists making a Tibet tour to Laigu Village should note that only the young Tibetans in the village could speak Mandarin or English. Most of the inhabitants here only speak Tibetan. Tourists will have the chance to have a taste of the traditional Tibetan flavor diets (such as the air-dried mutton and beef, the Tibetan butter oil tea and tsampa) if you are planning a Tibetan family visiting.

Laigu Glacier in Qamdo Prefecture – Transportation

It is pretty convenient to pay a visit to Laigu Glacier in Qamdo Prefecture for tourists making a Tibet tour along Sichuan-Tibet Highway. It is very easy to rent a vehicle to Laigu Village from Ranwu Town Seat. For tourists planning to visit Laigu Glacier from Qamdo County or Nyingchi County, it might be a good choice to catch the shuttle bus to Zay and get off at Zongbba Village which is only about 10 kilometers away from Laigu Glacier.

For tourists interested in the Tibet trekking tours, it would be a good choice to trek to Laigu Village from Ranwu Village. The whole journey needs 10-12 hours trekking. Tourists could take a rest at the Tibetan villages along the journey. The picturesque natural landscape is available throughout the trekking journey. It is said that autumn is the best season to appreciate the glacier landscape at Laigu Glacier.

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