Top 8 Things to Do in Lhasa
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Top 8 Things to Do in Lhasa

Update: Mar. 13th, 2013


It is an unforgettable and wonderful experience to enjoy ourselves on the roof of the world. Some people would like to sing and dance in Lhasa bars, some people would like to show their devout mind to Buddha, and some people are fond of the nightlife of Lhasa City, and some are deeply attracted by the breathtaking plateau sceneries, etc. What about you? However, just make you free and relaxed in this holy land.

Top 8 Things to Do in Lhasa

Here we recommend you few things to do in Lhasa in order to make your spare time worthy. Most of tourists like to finish them. We sincerely hope you are satisfied with one of them at least and enjoy it. Just tell us.

Stay in a small hostel

Stay in a small hostel and make yourself bemused for a while, or longer. Listen to the music and watch the people passing by with abandon. Take deep breath with fresh air for many times and smile to the sky happily. Do everything you want to do and get rid of something you hate. Let us be lost in this magic world for some time. It is a wonderful idea, isn't it? Without telephone, without work or pressure, how can the life be? Just do it.

Go to see Mount Everest

Try your best to get more close to Mt. Everest, such as Mt. Everest Base Camp. Mt. Everest Base Camp would be the ideal place for most of tourists to see the Mt. Everest. If you are lucky enough, you will have a chance to enjoy the magnificent body of Mt. Everest without the thick clouds. It is worthy to be close to Everest even though it is very hard.

Have a wedding at the foot of the high snow mountains

Can you imagine that? The far away blue sky, the crowded yak, the religious air, the high snow mountains, the pure Tibetan people, etc, will be your guests in your wedding. When you smile with your lover, all of them are making a best wish to you both. It is significant for your happy lifetime.

To be an environmental protection volunteer

Take a hunting rifle, but not for hunting, it is used to protect our yaks. Do your best to protect them and return them a wild living environment.

To be a monk

If you have enough time, you could pretend to be a monk in Potala Palace. Live without dispute, or desire there and return yourself a pure heart, just like the moment when you born to the world.

To be a teacher

We always try our best to persuade foreigners do not give money to Tibetan kids, as it is not good for them. You could give them a pen, a pencil, or a pencil-box, etc. Or, try to be a teacher for them. They will be much grateful to you.

Stay with a Tibetan family

Enjoy yourself with Tibetan family. Try to get up when the sun rises and shepherd in the morning. Go back home when the sun set.

To be a writer

Write a personal journey diary in Tibet. Try to memory them when you are getting older and make more people understand the life in Tibet.

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