Top 2 Attractions of Shigatse
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Top 2 Attractions of Shigatse

Update: Jun. 14th, 2013

Rongbuk Monastery

Top 2 Attractions of Shigatse

Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest is also well known as Qomolangma in Chinese language, located in Himalay Mountain Range in the boundary area of the Kingdom of Nepal. It is covered by the beautiful snow in the whole year. As most of people know, it is 8844.43 meters high and renowned as the highest peak of the world. In China, Qomolangma is liked as the most beautiful snow mountain and one of the famous ones.


Mt. Everest is actually about 100 kilometers far from the boundary line of China and the kingdom of Nepal. It is easy and relatively relaxing driving from Lhasa to New Tingri, i.e, Xegar by way of Shigatse and Latse. But the road to Mt. Everest Base Camp may not be so easy especially in rainy season, or when it is frozen. In general, we will arrange tourists to pay a visit to Yamdrok Lake, Karo-la Glacier and Palkhor Monastery along the way. Yamdrok is one of the sacred lakes of Tibet, highly respected by local Tibetans. It looks like a shining blue silk, and sometimes it just looks like a green jade, the color is changed when you change our sightseeing view and location. The other top 2 holy lakes of Tibet are Namtso Lake and Lake Mapam Yumtso.

One more important thing is, your permits will be checked before you enter Mt. Everest Natural Reserve.

Best time for photograph

The best time to take great photos of Mt. Everest is April, May, September and October, and that is also the best season for mountaineering. Because it has more chances to see the clear available Mt. Everest during those months. Also, the flag clous and other amazing scenes are happened frequently.


The temperature difference is extremely big and obvious in highland, so does Lhasa. In EBC, it is still very cold even in summer, the temperature is about 5-12 in general in summer.

High altitude sickness

We need to successfully conquer a mountain pass which is over 5000 meters high on the way to Mt. Everest. So, most of people will suffer from slight symptoms of high altitude sickness. It is better to take some oxygen at that time.

Rongbuk Monastery

Rongbuk Monastery is one of the monasteries of Nyingma Sect of Tibet Buddhism history. It is the only one monastery living by lamas and Buddhist nuns together. It is located about 90 kilometers away from Tingri County of Shigatse Prefecture. Rongbuk Monastery is about 5800 meters high with very cold temperature. There is a guesthouse called Rongbuk Guesthouse. Most of tourists would like to stay there at night, or just stay in the tent with their own sleeping bag in EBC. It is only 25 kilometers away from EBC.

And, you can have dinner near Rongbuk Monastery, but it is a little expensive. As you may know that all the food materials are transferred from Shigatse, the price would be a little higher, but it tastes not as good as you wish.

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