2014 Tibet Information - Attractions
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2014 Tibet Information - Attractions

Update: Nov. 15th, 2013

Dragon King Lake

2014 Tibet Information - Attractions

Dezhong Hot Spring

Dezhong Hot Spring is located in the Dezhong County of Manba District of Maizyhoukunggar County with an altitude of more than 4, 500 meters. The hot spring is situated in a valley and alpine pastures are standing on both sides. Mena and women are separated simply from the middle part of the hot spring. Till now, the custom of naked bathing is still popular among the local people.

The water temperature of the Dezhong Hot Spring is 42 ?. It is called as "The Number One Hot Spring in the World" by experts in America, German, Japan and so on, owing to its special curative effect.

Gyama Gou - The Hometown of Songtsen Gampo

The Gyama Gou, located in maizyhoukunggar County, it is the birthplace of Songtsen Gampo's - the 33rd generation of Tubo Dynasty, is a place with picturesque scenery, colorful mythology, and numerous cultural relics and historic sits. It was the activity center of Tubo Royal members. You even can find the remains of ancient alley around the remained palace walls.

Yampachen Geothermal Heat Scene

Lhasa is rich in geothermal resources. The most famous one is Yampachen Geothermal field. It is located near Yampachen Town, Damxung Country. Covering an area of more than 7,000 square meters, with temperature around 47 ?. It is one of the world's highest geothermal power plants. Here, the soaring heat combined with the snowy mountains, constitute a unique landscape of snow-covered plateau.

Medicine King Mountain

Medicine King Mountain is located on the right of the Potala Palace with an altitude of 3,725 meters. Thousand Buddha Cliffside Sculpture on the western side of Medicine King Mountain is one of the famous scenic spots in Lhasa. There are thousands of Buddha sculptureed on the cliff which is truly spectacular. Legend says Songtsen Gampo saw Six-Syllable Charm, statues of Buddha and hallucinatory version of Boddhisattva in front of the cliff. Later the stone-carved images of Buddha appeared.

Dragon King Lake

Dragon King Lake is a very famous city park in Lhasa. It is an artificial lake formed by the soil which was dug for the reconstruction of the Potala Palace in the 17th century. There is a pavilion named "Dragon King Palace" on the island of the lake.

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