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Shigatse Accommodation Information

Update: Oct. 5th, 2013

Besides Lhasa City, Shigatse is also well known as the traffic center of Tibet. It is almost the place which must be passed on the way to Mt. Everest Base Camp during Tibet tour. Hence, it is well noted by lots of toursits. As one of the famous essential areas of Tibet, the accommodation facilities, service quality, and restaurants are well arranged. Here attached some famous hotels in Shigatse for your reference.

Shigatse Hotels

Accommodation Hotel Address Hotel Contact Number
Traffic Hotel No. 16 of Shandong Middle Road,Shigatse 08928800166
Oriental Mingsheng Grand Hotel Shanghai North Road, Shigatse 08928500999
Jiumu Deqing Hostel No. 28 of Qingdao Road, Shigatse 08928502677
Shigatse Tianlin Grand Hotel No. 5 of Mt. Everest West Road, Shigatse 08928836818
Hanting Hotel No. 104 of Shandong Road, Shigatse 08928665888
Kuangye Hostel No. 67 of Mt. Everest Road, Shigatse 08928880030
Yak Hotel No. 22 of Qingdao Road, Shigatse 08928825988
Postal Hostel No. 11 of Shanghai Middle Road, Shigatse 08928822938
Shanghai Square Hotel No. 22 of Mt. Everest Road, Shigatse 08928824120
Yangtse Hotel Heilongjiang North Road, Shigatse 08928839998
Mt. Everest Friendship Hostel No. 3 of Puzhang Road, Shigatse /
Jintian Grand Hotel No. 25 of Xueqiang Road, Shigatse 08928822277
Shigatse Gangyan Hotel No. 77 of Mt. Everest Road, Shigatse 08928820777
Taixing Hostel No. 4 of Zhade Eastern Road, Shigatse 08928821977
Shigatse Ankang Hotel No. 1 of Shanghai South Road, Shigatse 08928823849
Shengkang Hotel No. 5 of Shandong Road, Shigatse 08928822922
Wutse Grand Hotel No. 21 of Heilongjiang East Road, Shigatse 08928838999
Accommodation Hotel Address Contact Number
Education Hostel No. 25 of Shandong Road, Shigatse /
Ando Hotel No. 5 of Fengqing Street, Shigatse 08928825700
Shigatse Gerocomium Hostel No. 12 of Puzhang Road, Shigatse 08928836126
Shuiwen Hostel No. 19 of Mt. Everest Road, Shigatse 08928824809
Shongbala Hotel Educational Administration Area, Shigatse 08928827668
Ruian Hotel Heilongjiang North Road, Shigatse 08928823336
Minzheng Hostel No. 15 of Jinlin Middle Road, Shigatse 08928835099
Chongqing Hotel Heilongjiang Middle Road, Shigatse 08928838458
Danzeng Hotel No. 1 of Bangjiakong Road, Shigatse 08928822018
Gangyan Shongbala Hotel No. 34 of Qingdao Road, Shigatse 08928827666
Shigatse Labor Bureau Hotel Sichuan Road, Shigatse 08928839566
Shigatse Hotel No. 12 of Shanghai Middle Road, Shigatse 08928822525
Shigatse Zangyuan Hotel No. 36 of Mt. Everest West Road, Shigatse 08928504001
Times Hotel No. 5 of Nyanhe Middle Road, Shigatse 08928836955
Sacred Lake Hotel No. 14 of Qingdao Eastern Road, Shigatse 08928832085
Fushangfu Grand Hotel No. 14 of Nyanhe Middle Road, Shigatse 08928826888
Tashiquta Grand Hotel No. 2 of Xueqiang Road, Shigatse 08928830111
Jiumuyamei Grand Hotel No. 3 of Jinlin North Road, Shigatse 08928837000
Xizi Youth Hostel No. 10, pedestrian street, Shigatse /
Zham Hotel Zham port 08928742221
Zhongba Yagyangyuan Hotel No. 8 of Happiness Road, Shigatse 08928292728
Snow Leopard Hostel No. 1 of China-Nepal Road, Shigatse 08928262711
Farmer Entertainment Hostel Latse County of Shigatse 08928322333
Pala Hostel No. 29 of Jinlin Middle Road /
Guifu Bussiness Hotel No. 28 of Heilongjiang Middle Road, Shigatse 08928510888
Jiumu Fushangfu Grand Hotel No. 7 of Jilin Middle Road, Shigatse 08928830698
Shigatse Tsoqin Hostel No. 15 of Shandong Southern Road, Shigatse /
Shunda Hostel No. 29 of Shanghai Middle Road, Shigatse 08928821920
Gangyan Linka Hotel No. 9 of Mt. Everest Road, Shigatse 08928687526
Sangzhuzi Hotel No. 48 of Qingdao Road, Shigatse 08928822280
Mingzhu Hotel No. 28 of Qingdao Road 08928834333




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