Worthy Attractions for Independent Tibet Tour
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Worthy Attractions for Independent Tibet Tour

Update: Sep. 13th, 2013

Worthy Attractions for Independent Tibet Tour


Region Human Landscape Natural Scenery
Shigatse Prefecture

Tashilhunpo Monastery: It is one of the largest monastery of southern Tibet, acted as the palace of Panchen Lama's.

Sakya Monastery: It is respected and worshipped by Sakya Sect. The first unification of the state and the church was happened to this monastery.

Pakhor Monastery: It is said that one hundred thousand of Buddha Statue and Buddha Murals have been enshrined and worshiped in Pakhor Monastery.

Rongbuk Monastery: The highest Monastery located in the plateau.

Shalu Monastery: The main monastery of Shalu Sect.

Pala Manor: The best serf manor which has been preserved well till now.

Karo-La Glacier: The only one glacier tourists can visit during Tibet tour.

Mt. Everest: The highest snow mountain throughout the world. To protect the amazing natural environment of Mt. Everest, tourists are mostly suggested to overnight in Mt. Everest Base Camp.

Zham Port: The border in Tibet of China and Napal.

Yadong Region: Hot Spring, Grassland, lakes, snow mountains.

Shannan Prefecture

Samye Monastery: The first monastery of Tibet.

Yungbu Lakhang: The first palace of Tibet.

Trandruk Monastery: The first Buddhist Hall of Tibet.

Minzhulin Monastery: The main monastery of Nyingma Sect - one of the top 4 Buddhist Sects.

Tombs of Tibetan Kings: The largest tomb groups of Tibetan Kings of Tibet as of now.

Qingpu Ashram: It is one of the top 4 Ashrams of Tibet. Padmasambhava once cultivated himself according to religious doctrine.

Gongburi Sacred Mountain: It is said to be the original place of Tibetan people.

Yamdrok Lake: Acted as one of the top 3 sacred lakes of Tibet, Yamdrok Lake looks like a shining blue silk inlaid in the mountains.

Lamalatso Lake: It is said that you can find your last life through this lake. The reincarnated soul boy is said to be found through this lake, too.

Ngari Prefecture

Tolin Monastery: The important monastery of Guge Kingdom.

Kokya Monastery: It was built about 2000 years ago.

Guge Kingdom Relics: Guge Kingdom disappeared suddenly in Tibetan history.

Mt. Kailash: It is highly respected as the worldwide center of Buddha by Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions of the world.

Lake Manasarovar: It is one of the top 3 sacred lakes of Tibet. Though it is small, it is famous in Tibetan religions.

Lhanag-tso Lake: It is renowned as the ghoat lake near Lake Manasarovar.

Nagqu Prefecture

Shangxong Relics: the relics of Shangxong Kingdom.

Ngari Horse Racing: It is usually held on Aug. 10th every year.

Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain: Acted as the famous sacred mountain throughout the world, it is said to be the husband of Namtso Lake.

Dangreyongtso Lake: the most important sacred lake of Bon Sect.

Qamdo Prefecture

Qambalin Monastery: the largest monastery in eastern Tibet.

Karo Relics: the cultural relics of the Neolithic Age, built in 4000-5000 years ago.

Ranwu Lake: One of the largest lakes of eastern Tibet.

Laigu Glacier: One of the largest glaciers of Tibet, consists of many small glaciers.



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