2014 Tibet Attractions Information
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2014 Tibet Attractions Information

Update: Dec. 3rd, 2013

Yamdrok Lake

2014 Tibet Attractions Information

Sera Monastery

Sera Monastery, the full name is "Sera Mahayana Monastery". It is located at the foot of Wuze Hill in Sera, the north of Lhasa. It was built by shvakya-ye-shes one of the eight disciples of Tsongkhapa in Yongle seventeen years of Ming Dynasty. (i.e. 1419 AD). The hillside monastery is arranged quite well. The debate of Sera Monastery is very prestigious.

Namtso Lake

Namtso Lake is also called Namu Lake. It is located at the area between Damxung County (north of Lhasa) and Baingoin County of Nagqu, about 240 km from Lhasa. Namtso Lake is not only the biggest interior lake in Tibet Autonomous Region, but also the highest salty water lake in the world. "Namtso" means "the Gold Lake" in Tibetan.

The main scenic spots are Guest Welcoming Stone, Hand Print Stone, the Cavity of good and evil, and so on. There are a huge number of ancient cavern crag murals appeared in the Tashi Peninsula of Namtso, not only the quantity is large, but also the content is very rich.

Tsupu Monastery

Tsupu Monastery was built by Karma Dudum ruanba, the disciple of Tabo lagyai and a famous Tibetan Buddhist Kagyu Sect Buddhist and the founder of Karma Kagyu Sect in 1189. It is the most important monastery of Kagyu Sect.

The main entrance of Tsupu Monastery faces south. In front of the monastery, the famous Tsupu Jiangpu stele written when the temple was built is just standing in the middle of the square. After crossing the square and stepping on the stone steps, you can see the six-pillar gallery. Du Kang Hall, the main building of the Tsupu Monastery is just at the end of the gallery.

Guan Yu Temple on Mopan Mountain

Guan Yu Temple on Mopan Moountain is located on the mound of Bamari and 500 meters west to Potala Palace. The top of the mountain is just like a millstone. That is why it is called as "Millstone Mountain". And the temple is also known as "Gesar Lhakang" which refers to the Guanyu, a General of Han during the Three Kingdoms instead of the King Gesar in Tibetan legend. Guan Yu Temple on Millstone Mountain was built in 1792, the statue of Guan Yu with red face, broad sword in hand, riding on the date red horse was worshiped in the hall.

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