Shannan Tour – Wonders of Shannan
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Shannan Tour – Wonders of Shannan

Update: Dec. 10th, 2012


Shannan is located between Gandisê Range and south of Nyainqêntanglha Range, middle and lower reaches of Yarlung Zanpo River. It covers 73,500 square meters. The population of Shannan is 300,000, including Tibetan, Han Nationality, Hui Nationality, Menba Nationality, Luoba Nationality, etc. Shannan is famous as "birthplace of Tibetan" and "cradle of Tibetan civilization". The wonders of Shannan you should not miss in Shannan tour include various cultural and historical relics, beautiful natural scenery, distinctive national custom, etc.

Shannan Tour - "Birthplace of Tibetan"

The exceptional natural environment makes Shannan famous as "birthplace of Tibetan". The warm and straightforward custom characteristics, simple and unsophisticated plateau flavor fully show the nature of this great nation. The beautiful myth of holy monkey and demon gave birth to human on plateau came from the Gongburi Holy Mountain in Tsedang.

Shannan Tour- "Cradle of Tibetan Civilization"

The long history and deep cultural deposit make Shannan become "cradle of Tibetan civilization". Tibetan first king, first palace, first slave power, first monastery, first field, first scripture, first Tibetan opera, etc, was born in Shannan. In addition, song and dance, painting, clay sculpture, wooden carving and stone carving, literature and art in Shannan are mysterious and distinctive, exquisite and incomparable.

Shannan is valley of South Tibet. The climate of Shannan is semi-arid plateau monsoon climate. The climate is temperate and pleasant. Shannan is with multitudinous resource and rich products. It is generally accepted as "Tibetan Granary". In Shannan, scenery is beautiful; flavor is distinctive; holy mountains and lakes are very famous; ancient monasteries are various; and historical and cultural relics distribute everywhere. In addition, the only national key sight spot of Tibet – Yarlung River Scenic Area is a dazzling pearl. The traditional handicrafts with rich national characteristics are distinctive and wonderful. Shannan is equipped with convenient transportation system and communication system. The Gonggar International Airport is the largest airport in Tibet. The highway, post and telecommunication system lead to all directions.

Shannan is beautiful and magical, with long history and bright civilization. On this vast land, Shannan is creating brilliant tomorrow with her sweat of hard work, flower of wisdom, hope of ebullience. Shannan is greetings travelers from every corner of the world with her brilliant and dazzling national culture, exquisite snow scenery and unique custom.

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