Shannan Tour – Characteristic of Shannan
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Shannan Tour – Characteristic of Shannan

Update: Dec. 5th, 2012

Tibetan Opera Performance

The characteristic of Shannan include Tibetan opera and Shannan stone inscription. They are really worth enjoying in your Shannan tour.

Shannan Tour – Tibetan Opera

Tibetan opera is named "Aji Lamu" in Tibetan language. It is said that Tibetan opera came from wizard's ceremony of Bon Religion which was very popular in 8th century and local dances. Its main form of expression is song and dance.

Tibetan opera is closely related with religious legends. The two schools of Tibetan opera are White Mask School and Blue Mask School. Now, the Ba Troupe of Qiongjie in Shannan is famous White Mask School, and the troupe of Angren County in Shigatse and Juemulong Troupe in Lhasa are Blue Mask School.

Tibetan opera was originated from Shannan. It formed Weizang, Kangba and Anduo systems in the process of continuous promotion. Until now, there are many traditional repertoires, such as Princess Wencheng, Baima Wenba, Suji Nima, Biography of Luosangwang, etc.

The masks of Tibetan opera are various, and with special meaning. The red is for king, symbolizes majesty and power; green is for princess, means gentle and agreeable. The living Buddha and immortal will wear yellow mask which symbolizes auspicious; the tattletale and witch will wear the mask with half black and half white which means double-faced and confusing right and wrong. In addition, there are various ghost and animal masks. When Tibetan opera performance starts, Tibetans will stand around the square to enjoy the opera. Travelers may immerse in the performance very soon if know about Tibetan legends and stories of Tibetan Buddhism.

The costume, hair style and custom of Tibetan are greatly affected by Tibetan opera. Now, the troupes of fashion show in Shannan are full of rich nationality characteristics. You can enjoy the wonderful show on Culture and Goods Fairs held in this prefecture.

Shannan Tour – Shannan Stone Inscription

Since most Tibetans in Shannan are believe in Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhism monasteries can be seen everywhere. There are large amount of clay sculptures, wood engravings and stone inscriptions among these monasteries and become the unique landscape of Tibet. The materials of clay sculptures and stone inscriptions are related with religion. The main works of clay sculptures and stone inscriptions mainly are Buddhism, historic character, plants and animals. The wood engravings, as decoration, appear on the beam column, window of monastery, baldachine and cupboard. The techniques of carving are delicate, and the contents are rich and diverse.

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