Shannan Tour – Delicacy in Shannan
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Shannan Tour – Delicacy in Shannan

Update: Dec. 5th, 2012


There are five delicacies you should not miss in your Shannan tour. They are tsamba, butter tea, barley wine, dried meat and yoghurt.

Shannan Tour – Tsamba

Tsamba is a kind of unique staple food of Tibetan. It is the flour made up from fried barley or pea. When eat, mix the flour with butter tea and knead to balls. Furthermore, it also can be mixed with salt tea, yoghurt or barley wine. Tibetans also often cook porridge with tsamba, turnip and leaves of rape (named "Tuba" in Tibetan language) to replace staple food.

Shannan Tour – Butter Tea

Butter tea is daily necessary drink of Tibetans and necessary drink for living on Tibetan Plateau. It is helpful for keeping warm, wiping away greasiness when eat meat, satisfying hunger; getting over fatigue, clearing mind, etc. Because there are Vitamins in the tea, the butter tea can relieve the harm of vegetable shortage on high plateau.

Shannan Tour – Barley Wine

Your Shannan tour may be not worthwhile if you do not drink barley wine in the tour. The barley wine, named "Qiang" in Tibetan language, is made up from one of the main grain of Tibet – barley. It is the most favorite liquor of Tibetans. It is necessary drink for festivals, important days, wedding, giving birth to baby, greeting and seeing off relatives and friends. The barley wine is with clean and pure color and long-lasting taste.

Shannan Tour – Dried Meat

The dried beef and mutton is the most favorite food of Tibetans. In general, Tibetans start to make dried beef and mutton in winter, about end of November when the temperature is below zero. Tibetans will first cut beef and mutton into pieces and string them, and then hang them in the shade of tent or eave to dry them in the cold wind. In March of coming year, Tibetans will take the meat down to eat directly or eat after roasted. The taste of dried meat is delicious.

Shannan Tour – Yoghurt

Yoghurt is semisolid food fermented from milk, including "Darxue" (made up from buttermilk which ever used to extract ghee" and "Erxue" (made up from the milk which do not used to extract ghee). Because yoghurt is the food fermented from milk, it is with rich nutrients and digestive.

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