Shannan Custom – Yarlong Cultural Festival
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Shannan Custom – Yarlong Cultural Festival

Update: Dec. 11th, 2012

Yarlong Cultural Festival

Many people know that Yarlong refers to Shannan in general. Hence, many people regard "Yarlong Cultural Festival' as "Shannan Cultural Festival". In fact, the origin of "Yarlong Cultural Festival" is not so simple. It is not only culture of Shannan, but also important part of Tibetan culture. It includes many historical and cultural resources in Shannan.

To hold "Yarlong Cultural Festival" not only aims at propagating Shannan culture, but also aims at propagating Tibetan culture.

Shannan Custom – Introduction of Yarlong Culture

The Yarlong Culture has deep historical origin. In terms of culture in general, great ancestors of Tibetan created the splendid ancient culture in history, such as poetry, folk songs, dances, paintings, opera, architecture, sculpture, etc. All of these are precious and rich cultural relics left by Tibetan ancestors. We can clearly realize that the Yarlong Cultural Festival is a good way to inherit and develop these excellent national cultural heritages.

As we know, the component of culture is history. On the snow covered plateau, there was human history in Yarlong area from the evolution of monkey to human. On this vast and fertile land, there are the first palace in Tibetan history – Yumbu Lakhang, the first chapel – Trandruk Monastery, the first monastery – Samye Monastery, the first field – Suodang, the first scripture – Banggong Qiaba, the first Tibetan opera - Bagebu, etc.

Shannan is the birthplace of carving and painting. Various stone carvings on cliffside show their long history and the origin of painting art with bold and rough lines. The distinctive Thangka also originated from Shannan. The fresco art, also named "encyclopedia", not only proves the existence of this ancient art, but also proves its historical origin. The Yumbu Lakhang, Trandruk Monastery, Qiru Lakhang, Samye Monastery and other architectures faithfully recorded Tibetan architecture history. The religious art which focused on Tibetan Buddhism also won the attention of world with its broad and profound content.

Shannan Custom – Yarlong Cultural Festival

"Yarlong Cultural Fesival" is very familiar for many people. In 1992, Shannan held this festival in Tsedang. But, the festival in 1992 is greatly different from present festival. Since the first Yarlong Cultural Festival was held with Twentieth Shannan Materials Exchange Fair in 1992, it separately performed on the stage of cultural festival in 1996. In 2002, Tibetan Yarlong Cultural Festival was brought into important part of Tibetan Holy Land Activity. It is the grandest one since from Yarlong Cultural Festival held. It is also a grand meeting of Shannan propagating tourism culture.

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