What not to do in Tibet
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What not to do in Tibet

Update: Oct. 9th, 2013

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Generally speaking, there are few taboos of Han Nation, but a lot of taboos you should pay attention to Tibetan Nation. Wherever you go to visit, tourists are highly suggested to respect the local customs, for example, during Tibet tour, you should know what not to do to Tibetans, and what are the impolite behaviors to them and so on. Tibetan local lifestyle may be different from yours and that is why you come here for visiting, right? Hence, getting to know the Tibetan taboos is useful and significance for your experience in Tibet.

What not to do in Tibet - Folk Customs


Killing is the most terrible taboo for Tibetan people in the Qinghai- Tibet Plateau. Even a little insect or a little animal is avoid to be killed by the little children. Hence, you are highly suggested not to kill even a butterfly in Tibet.

Avoid Shouting

You are kindly suggested to not to shout aloud while you are climbing mountains or walking in the forests. It is regarded as the impolite behavior to the mountain density so that cause the natural disaster. It is not good for the high altitude sickness prevention, either.

Don't touch Buddhist scriptures or classics in the Buddhist Monastery

Please do not touch or browse the Buddhist classics or dharmas, Buddha Status, murals or religious instructions when you are visiting monasteries inside. You are prohibited to walk or jump over the religious instructions, either. Such those behaviors are sriously regarded as the terrible blasphemy.

Do not put your feet toward the Buddha

The mattress is prohibited to be turned and people's feet are prohibited to be put toward the Buddha Statue, either.

Do not pass the brooms

If you pass the brooms to people, you are thought to take the dirty things to them. Hence, you should put the broom on the group and let them to pick it up.

Do not visit sick people at home

You are not welcome if the host is ill at home. It is better to put a branch of trees in front of the door.

Drink three cups or more when you are visiting Tibetan family

You'd better drink three cups or more when the host invite you based on Tibetan's folk customs. And please do not get any voice while you are drinking.

Do not light your cigarette on the butter lamp

If you have Tibetan family visiting during Tibet tour, gentlemen are suggested to sit in the left while the ladies should sit in the right. And please do not light your cigarette on the butter lamp.

The closer generations are prohibited to get married

When two Tibetans get married, their last generations and relatives will be checked. The closer 5-7 generations are not allowed to get married.

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