Questions about Mt. Kailash Kora
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Questions about Mt. Kailash Kora

Update: Oct. 17th, 2013


Questions about Mt. Kailash Kora

Where is Mt. Kailash?

Jessie: Well, Mt. Kailash is situated in Tarchen of Baga Village of Pulan County of Ngari Prefecture (Ali). Tarchen is a small village at the foot of Mt. Kailash and acted not only the start point and the ending point, but also the place where the government center of Baga Village. Large numbers of pilgrims will come and gather together here from home and abroad to see Mt. Kailash and pray to her.

How to get to Mt. Kailash? How to go to Mt. Kailash? How to have Mt. Kailash Trekking Tour?

Jessie: In general, you are supposed to rent a car to drive to Mt. Kailash as there is no regular bus available toward there. Foreign tourists should be no worries about this as all the preparations will be arranged by us. For example, we will arrange the Sports Utility Vehicle, or 19/28/32-seat bus based on your situation, the cost-effective guesthouse/tent, and experienced driver and local Tibetan guide for you. As Mt. Kailash is too remote and far from Lhasa City, it generally costs RMB 20000-25000 each car. We almost ask the local Tibetan guides to be with you rather than guides who speak Chinese, because the guides who speak Chinese are not very similar with Nagri Prfecture (Ali).

Hence, tourists who plan to have Mt. Kailash kora during Tibet tour are kindest suggested to come with few companions, and then the price would be more acceptable.

Q: How is the environment there around Mt. Kailash? How is the healthy condition there?

Jessie: Generally speaking, the hot water is provided during the meals, I mean, the hot water we can drink. But the hot water for shower is not available in the guesthouse during the 3 days when you are kora around Mt. Kailash. But we can additionally buy the hot water for face washing (bottle) from the guesthouse on your behalf. There is not even the tap water, but all is the spring water. The spring water is too cold, so that the health condition is not expected in the guesthouse. Your personal sleeping bags are very useful and necessary whatever in the guesthouse or camping. If it is possible for you, I will kindly suggest you taking/renting tents in Lhasa and camp outside. But even you camp outside, we need to pay extra money for local relevant organization (we will pay it on your behalf).

Q: How much is the flight between Ali (Ngari Prefecture) and Lhasa?

Jessie: The flight from Ali to Lhasa generally costs USD 430/p.p. of economical class with tax. But we do not suggest tourists taking the flight between Ali and Lhasa, as the flight schedule there is not regular to reach. Based on our experience, there may be 1 flight schedule of Ali airport once a week but it is not stable, sometimes it could be canceled if there are few people. In case it happens, tourists are usually supposed to drive the car back.

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