Rongbuk Monastery Travel Information
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Rongbuk Monastery Travel Information

Update: Oct. 16th, 2013

Rongbuk Monastery

Noted as the highest monastery above the sea level, Rongbuk Monastery became even more famous after the showing of the world famous film – "2012". An increasingly number of tourists both at home and abroad would like to take Rongbuk Monastery into their Tibet tour itinerary for it is the best place to appreciate the spectacular landscape of Mt. Everest – the highest peak around the world.

Rongbuk Monastery Travel Information – Brief Introduction of Rongbuk Monastery

Located in Tingri County in Shigatse Prefecture, Rongbuk Monastery is one of the representative monasteries of Nyingma Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. This ancient monastery could be dated back to 1899. It is not only an attractive monastery for the devout Buddhism followers but also a formidable monastery for its elevation. With an altitude of 5154 meters, Rongbuk Monastery is situated at the end of the Rongbuk Glacier (about 20 kilometers away from the top of Mt. Everest). The old Rongbuk Monastery is about 3 kilometers away from the south of the newly constructed one which could be dated back to 1902. Tourists who've been to Rongbuk Monastery would find that the old one is closer to Mt. Everest. The cultivation cave of Master Padmasambhava, and stones with his handprint and footprint are well preserved in the old Rongbuk Monastery.

Rongbuk Monastery Travel Information – Festivals at Rongbuk Monastery

A 3-day religious dancing activity would be held in Rongbuk Monastery on April 15th according to the Tibetan calendar every year. A solemn evil-driving off ceremony would be held in Rongbuk Monastery on November 29th according to the Tibetan calendar every year. It is said the Buddha April 15th is the birthday and parinivana day of Buddha Sakyamuni. Therefore, a series of solemn religious ceremonies would be held in that month. Lamas in the monastery and pilgrims from different corners would circumambulate around the holy mountains and holy lakes to show their respect to Sakyamuni.

Rongbuk Monastery Travel Information – Travel Tips

Tourists planning to travel to Rongbuk Monastery should note that there is strong wind in the morning and night. The temperature would drop to -15 to -20 Celsius in the winter season between November and March. The temperature difference between day and night would be larger than 15 Celsius even in the summer season. Therefore, it is always necessary to prepare enough warm clothes before heading to Mt. Everest Base Camp from Shigatse. In addition, the board and lodging condition is quite limited at Rongbuk Monastery.

There is only guesthouse and tent with dorm beds for tourists willing to stay overnight here. There are only about 120 beds at Rongbuk Monastery and each tent has 8 beds. Regarding the food, only simple Tibetan food and Sichuan style food are available at Rongbuk Monastery. Tourists could be served with hot noodles, rice and simple dishes. Tourists don't like those types of food could prepare some solid food in advance. It should be noted that the price of the food here is relatively higher compared to those in the other regions for the commodities here involve a large transportation expenses.

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