2014 Lhasa Suburb Attraction Information
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2014 Lhasa Suburb Attraction Information

Update: Nov. 21st, 2013


2014 Lhasa Suburb Attraction Information

Drepung Monastery

Drepung Monastery is the biggest one among the six monasteries of Yellow Sect in China. It is located at the foot of Wuze Hill in Ganbei the western suburbs of Lhasa and was built in 1416. Every year, solemn Buddha exhibition ceremony will be hold at the Drepung Monastery during the Shoton Festival. The day of Tibetan June 30 is named as "Drepung Shoton". The Buddhists of Drepung Monastery will hang out a great image of Sakyamuni which is 30 meters and 20 meters in length and width respectively for people's worship.

Ganden Monastery

Ganden Monastery is located in the Dagze County. It is the most special one among the six monasteries of Yellow Sect. It was built by Tsongkhapa the founder of Gelug Sect in 1409/ As the ancestral monastery of Gelug Sect, its given name "Yong Shou Temple" was granted by Shih-tsung, Each Dgav-Idan-khri-pa, the throne successor of Tsongkhapa and priest of Gelug Sect stays there. The whole architectural architectural complex of the Ganden Monastery shows traditional Tibetan Buddhism characteristics, like environment-concerned, spectacular, etc.

Reting Monastery

The Reting Monastery is located in the Tanggo Countryside of Lhunzhub County. As the first monastery, it was built by Dromtonba the founder of Tibetan Kadampa Buddhism in 1056. By the early fifteen century, it changed to worship Gelug Sect when the Gelug Sect was founded. Now, it belongs to Jiebar Zhacang of Sera Monastery. Situated on the hillside, there are many ancient cypress tress and gurgling streams around the monastery. The main hall of the Reting Monastery is a two-story building and faces south with an area of one Mu (about 667 square meters). Relazhang is in the west of the main hall. And there are bedrooms of the living Buddha of Reting, and great and small Sutra Halls for all kinds of ceremonies, etc.

Lalu Wetland

Lalu Wetland National Natural Reserve covers an area of 6.2 square kilometers with an average altitude of 3,645 meters. It is a typical plateau wetland and reed peat bog. It attracts large quantities of wild birds, like yellow ducks, bar-head goose, brown-headed gull, etc. Sometimes, even some black-necked cranes one of the first class national protected animals are playing there.

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