Droma Holy Valley Travel Information
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Droma Holy Valley Travel Information

Update: Nov. 25th, 2013

Droma Holy Valley

Not far away from Qinghai-Tibet Highway and Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Droma Holy Valley has convenient transportation. It was not opened to tourists before the Qinghai-Tibet Railway was put into operation. With beautiful natural scenery and mysterious culture, Droma Holy Valley keeps attracting more and more visitors from different corners of the world. This article aims at provide some basic travel information regarding Droma Holy Valley for tourists' reference.

Droma Holy Valley Travel Information - Brief Introduction of Droma Holy Valley

Located in Guge County in Nagqu Prefecture, Droma Holy Valley is about 230 kilometers away from Lhasa City. The Holy Valley is covered green plants and colorful flowers, and looks especially beautiful in spring. The north-south trend Droma Valley has a length around 15 kilometers. Visitors who've been to Droma Holy Valley are always impressed by its spectacular natural landscape – the mountain on one side of the Holy Valley is covered with thick white snow while the mountain on the other side is covered with dense forests, green grasses and colorful wild flowers. Originates from the perennial snow covered mountain, the clear stream flows among the holy valley.

There is an old saying goes that there are four seasons in the same mountain, tourists visited Droma Holy Valley would find the weather here is quite different between regions which are not too far away from each other. Be different from the magnificent mountains on both sides of Droma Holy Valley, the endless grassland in front of the valley looks like a giant carpet waiting for visitors far away places. The peaceful and idyllic valley makes tourists be reluctant to leave with its fresh air and running animals. Keep walking into the remote area in the Holy Valley, visitors could see a fascinating picture composed of blue sky, green water and snow-capped mountain.

Droma Holy Valley Travel Information – Transportation

Just as mentioned before, Droma Holy Valley is located in Nagqu Prefecture. Nagqu is a famous town along the world famous Qinghai-Tibet Highway. There are shuttle buses between Ngaqu and several other places, such as Lhasa City and a few towns in Qinghai Province. Also, tourists travel in small groups could rent a vehicle to Droma Holy Valley from Lhasa.

Tourists planning to travel to Droma Holy Valley from Qinghai Province should note that the road condition is pretty good in the warm season. But some sections of the road might be iced up or covered with snow in the cold season. Therefore, tourists willing to pay a visit to Droma Holy Valley are strongly suggested to avoid the cold season in consideration of safety.

Droma Holy Valley Travel Information – Best Season

It is said that the best season to travel to Droma Holy Valley is July, August and September. The climate here is characterized by cool summer and warm winter. The extremely high temperature here in winter is -16.5 Celsius while the extremely high temperature here in summer is 29 Celsius. The annual average temperature here is about 29 Celsius. The temperature would be pretty pleasant between July and September.

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