Notes of Mt. Everest Tour
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Notes of Mt. Everest Tour

Update: Nov. 13th, 2012

Notes of Mt. Everest Tour

Mt. Everest keeps attracting a large number of overseas tourists with its unique natural landscape, rich ecological types and interesting scientific mysteries. A large quantity of tourists would like to make a Mt. Everest tour to witness the highest natural reserve above the sea level. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to provide information related to the notes of Mt. Everest tour for tourists' reference.

Notes of Mt. Everest Tour – What to Pack

Tourists planning a Mt. Everest tour are advised to make a good physical and psychological preparation before enter into Tibet. Tourists should hold a optimistic mood since overburden would aggravate the altitude sickness. To better adapt to the plateau environment, tourists are advised to ensure enough sleep and take good rest before enter into Tibet. Besides, people who caught a hypertension or cardiac diseases are not suitable to do a Tibet tour.

Tourists planning a Mt. Everest tour should make a good preparation to deal with the high altitude, strong sunshine and big temperature difference. Sunglasses, sun-bonnet, sun-block scream, lip protector, cold cures and some other commonly used medicines should be taken into the pack. Besides, solid food with rich calorie, such as chocolate should also be prepared in case of need during the trip. Take suitable amount of Tibetan butter tea and milk products would help to improve your arability to the high altitude.

Notes of Mt. Everest Tour – Accommodation

Tourists planning a Mt. Everest tour are advised to spend a night at Mt. Everest Base Camp since it is really a difficult thing to witness the real appearance of Mt. Everest. It would be easier to see her in the morning or at the dawn. Besides, the sunset glow and the sunrise glow here enjoy high reputation among tourists made a Mt. Everest tour here.

Tourists could choose to stay overnight in the Tibetan style guesthouse at the foot of Mt. Everest. The classic local food, such as Tsampa and Tibetan barley wine would be available. Tourists could charge for the mobile phones and cameras. Besides, tourists could also get some local handicrafts here. It would be an interesting thing to get a postcard from Mt. Everest after you back to your hometown.

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