Mt. Everest Tour – Xegar
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Mt. Everest Tour – Xegar

Update: Nov. 13th, 2012

Mt. Everest Tour – Xegar

Xegar Town was established in 1968. It has been the political, economical and cultural center of Tingri County. Most of the public service facilities, such as water supply and electricity supply are available in this town. Some of the tourists make a Mt. Everest Tour would like to stay overnight at Xegar for it is located on the only path to Mt. Everest.

Mt. Everest Tour – Accommodation in Xegar

The Mt. Everest Hotel in Tingri County is relatively well equipped compared to the other hotels or guesthouses in the county. Most of the tourists make a Mt. Everest tour from Tingri would stop at Rongbuk Monastery, where the Mt. Everest Base Camp is also located.

Tourists could stay overnight in the guesthouse at Rongbuk Monastery. It should be noted that the accommodation condition here is pretty poor. There is no shower, restaurant, or electric facilities in the guesthouse. Tourists here have to share one room with several tourists since there might be dozens of beds in a room. Quilt and hot water are available; tourists are advised to prepare a kettle and sleeping bag before the trip. A sleeping bag will ensure you a warmer and more comfortable rest, especially in the winter.

Mt. Everest Tour – Xegar Chode Monastery

Xegar Chode Monastery is located on Tzekya Mountain. It was constructed in 1385 and is about 7 kilometers away from Mt. Everest Hotel. The constructions of the monastery were built against the mountain. It experienced four reconstructions and expansions. Today, there are 35 Buddhists in the monastery. It keeps attracting tourists with its construction and culture. There is a large number of tourists join the Mt. Everest Tour would like to make a visit to Xegar Chode Monastery.

Like the other Tibetan monasteries, Xegar Chode Monastery collects rich historical and cultural relics. Tourists here could explore the Buddhism culture of Gelug Sect and Sakya Sect. There are more than 100 of precious cultural relics collected in the monastery, including murals, Thangkas and Buddhism scriptures.

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