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Tips of Tibet Overland Tour in Tibet Tour

Update: Apr. 24th, 2012

Tibet Overland Tour

Besides the notes of Tibet Overland Tour, we should pay attention to the tips of Tibet Overland Tour, too. Tips of Tibet Overland Tour will help people do proper things while have trip in Tibet. Tibet is considered as the lifetime trip of everybody that Tibet tour becomes a sacred experience to everybody, too,

Tourists are suggested to follow the advices of the local Tibet guide and respect the local regulations in Tibet. The itinerary may be adjusted depending on the local policies, but it will be finished finally.

Tips of Tibet Overland Tour in Tibet Tour

Tibet Overland consists of many famous and excellent itinerary, which are liked by many tourists. Tips are very important before we travel to Tibet but also while in Tibet tour.

1.When we meet monks during Tibet tour, we are kindly suggested to put our palms together devoutly to them but not shake hands or hug each other.

2.Do not talk about the marriage or meet to with monks.

3.If we are interested in Tibet monasteries culture and history, we'd better pray quietly in the monastery. Do not talk loud or touch anything.

4.Tiber is a place where has rich Buddhism histories, the monks in Tibet are usually called "Lama".

5.The famous six mantra means wish a better life and stay together with the Buddha forever.

6.Tourists are not suggested to give the money to the poor man during Tibet tour. Let them go to college and be more industrious. Pens and pencils are better for them.

7.If we want to pray the Buddha in front of the Jokhang Temple or other monasteries, we are suggested to walk around clockwise. Otherwise you will be regarded as irreverent to the Buddha by Tibetan people.

8.Please respect Tibetan's life style even the funeral ways. Do not wonder to watch the process or take photos in private.

9.China Bank is much more than other kind of banks in Tibet. Thus while we travel to Tibet, we are kindly suggested to take the enough cash. But do remember not put the all money in only one place.

10.Please take your own trash bag to protect the Tibet environment. Tibet is considered as the last holy land in the world; please protect it with us together.

11.Pay attention to eat raw food in Tibet because of our individual physique.

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