Health Care Tips for Tibet Tour in Peak Season
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Health Care Tips for Tibet Tour in Peak Season

Update: May 9th, 2013

Tibet Tour in Peak Season - Namtso

Tibet tourism enters into its peak season with the coming of June. The number of visitors both at home and abroad keeps increasing till the end of October each year. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to provide some health care tips for tourists planning to pay a visit to Tibet in the peak season.

Health Care Tips for Tibet Tour in Peak Season – Common Knowledge of High Altitude Sickness

It is a normal phenomenon that visitors might feel breathless, dyspnea, a choking sensation in the chest or some other symptoms caused by anoxia during the earlier period of your arrival on Tibet Plateau. According to the experienced doctors which are professional in handling the high altitude sickness, these symptoms don't mean tourists could not get adapted to the plateau environment. On the contrary, tourists could get a good adaptation if you get how to protect yourself correctly. Generally, these ordinary symptoms would get released in a certain degree or disappear after 2-4days staying in Lhasa.

For tourists making a Tibet tour by air, the common high altitude sickness symptoms might attack you in 12-14 hours after you landing in Lhasa. Tourists planning a Tibet tour in the peak season and willing to land on Nyingchi Milin Airport don't need to be over worried about the high altitude sickness since Nyingchi enjoys a much lower elevation than Lhasa. For the consideration of health, tourists are strongly suggested to stay in hotel for rest on the first day arriving in Tibet. Never do some violet activities in the earlier days during your stay in Tibet, or you will need more time to get rid off the high altitude sickness.

Health Care Tips for Tibet Tour in Peak Season – Oxygen Up-taking

Tourists making a Tibet tour should not be too dependent on the oxygen up-taking if you are suffering certain high altitude sickness symptoms. Oxygen up-taking could you get you relieved from the choking sensation in the chest and difficult breathing temporarily. But these symptoms will get back once you stop the oxygen up-taking. In fact, that will delay your acclimation progress and make you suffer more. Hence, visitors suffering a slight high altitude sickness are not advised to depend on the oxygen box at the very first. It is always the best choice to get adapted to the plateau environment through self-adjustment.

Health Care Tips for Tibet Tour in Peak Season – Well-balanced Diet

Well-balanced diet on Tibet Plateau will contribute to better adaptation to the plateau environment. Tourists making a Tibet tour in the peak season are strongly advised to choose some digestive carbohydrate food. Enough water drinking is also necessary. It is not a good choice to eat too much in the night. Smoking and drinking should also be stopped. Fresh vegetables and fruits could provide you the necessary vitamins.

To avoid catching a cold, tourists planning a Tibet tour in the peak season are not advised to take shower frequently in the earlier days in Tibet. It is easy to catch a cold in Tibet for there is always obvious temperature difference between day and night. Actually, cold could get cured easily in the plain area, but cold is not easy to get cured on the plateau and it might cause some more terrible diseases, such as the high altitude pulmonary edema.

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