Minority Nation in Tibet – Menba Nation
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Minority Nation in Tibet – Menba Nation

Update: May 13th, 2013

Menba Nation

Menba Nation is one of China's minority nations with profound and age-old history and culture. They often inhabit in Tibet Autonomous Region living in a compact community. They can speak Menba language only but without Menba characters, so that they usually use Tibetan characters. Menba People believe in Bon Sect (a type of original religious sect of Tibet) and Lamaism. Menba Nation is rich in attractive folk culture, beautiful songs and elegant melodies and other mysterious history. Both of the drinking songs and love songs of Menba People are the most bold and unrestrained, which were the treasure of Menba people. They make a living by agriculture and rice cultivation, hunting and animal husbandry.

Minority Nation in Tibet – Menba Nation

The number of Menba people is about 50000, which 7475 are living in China but the others are living in India. They mainly inhabit Medog Region, Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet and Chayu County of Tibet.

Menba People History

Menba people usually inhabit the border of Tibet. In the AD 17th Century, the society of Menba people stepped into Feudal serfdom society and became one of the important parts of Tibet region. The feudal serfdom land ownership of Tibet was the typical fundamental form of Menba people. All of the lands, forests resource and grasslands and other means of production are all owned by Tibetan local government. The officers were sent by Tibetan government to Menba people's region to deal with the daily affairs. Gradually, it was formed that all the means of production were owned by the officers, monasteries, and the nobles, as well as the most of the Menba serves.

Hereby, one part of Menba people was the serves but the other part of Menba people was serves owner. In common, the serve owners were Tibetan people and the serves were all Menba people.

Menba People's Marriage

The wedding of Menba people is interesting and dramatic. On that wedding day, the bride would be dressed well and send to the husband's house by her parents, brothers and sisters and other relatives together. The bride would thank parents' cultivation and asked for the apology as she would leave them alone. The dowries of the bride included the bracelets, rings, headwear and waistbands, and one or two instruments of labor sometimes. The matchmaker of the bridegroom's family would welcome the bride and happily ask the bride to drink the thick bamboo tube's wine for three times on the way. When the bride reached the bridegroom's family, her uncle (mother's brother) would be representative of the bride's father to nitpick the bridegroom's celebration. Afterwards, the bridegroom's family would present the Hada and add more dishes until the uncle agreed. The process was aimed at showing the bridegroom family's sincerity to the bride, which was popular and successfully succeeded till now. Later on, everyone would happily sing and dance overnight. It was common for the rich family to hold the celebration for 3 – 4 days. It was also a chance for other young girls and boys during the celebration.

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